Ciaran Kavanagh and The Gravediggers

Season 2 | Episode 6
37m | Feb 14, 2024

Never meet your heroes, they say. But Ciaran Kavanagh (@kavanaghciaran1) did and it changed his life. As a seventh-generation chef at The Gravediggers (@thegravedigger2) in Dublin, Ireland, he shares the rich history of his family's pub since 1833. Ciaran unfolds the story of Anthony Bourdain's visit to The Gravediggers on Bloomsday in 2012, where he got a taste of the legendary Guinness and the unique atmosphere of the pub. He reveals Bourdain's unique Guinness etiquette and the unexpected friendship that blossomed over five pints. Ciaran reminisces about his unforgettable encounter, sharing stories of their conversation about travel, tattoos, mental health, music, and the challenges of the restaurant industry. Ciaran reflects on Bourdain's legacy, emphasizing the importance of persistence and the mindset that there's always tomorrow. He explores the deep connection between Dublin and New York, the influence of Irish and Italian communities, and the significance of traditional pubs in fostering conversation and camaraderie. The conversation takes a flavorful turn as they discuss Ciaran's innovative approach to food at The Gravediggers. From traditional Irish stews like coddle to unique creations like the Irish spring roll, Ciaran showcases how he brings a modern twist to the culinary offerings, making The Gravediggers not just a pub but a renowned destination for food enthusiasts.

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