• Ep. 156 Friends and Rivals Podcast: Pure and Natural Hat Trick Leads the Rangers to the Conference Finals

    It's FRIENDS AND RIVALS EPISODE 156 and the Rangers are on their way to the Conference Finals. After Bill nailed a Weekly WTF Bold Prediction for a Rangers game 6 win in Carolina, the Panthers finished off the Bruins to set up a New York vs Miami series with a trip to the Stanley Cup Finals on the line. We get you up to date on what else is happening at Madison Square Garden, and some not-so-wholesome-activities at Whole Foods on FRIENDS AND RIVALS EPISODE 156!

    S4E36 - 51m - May 21, 2024
  • Ep. 155 Friends and Rivals Podcast: Do It To Me Sheldon!

    It's FRIENDS AND RIVALS EPISODE 155 and this week the Rangers look to put away Carolina for once and for all while the Devils try to find their next head coach. We talk basketball the way only white people can (poorly) and defend one of the NHL's most beloved players, Brad Marchand. Think of this episode as a four hour shootout with a SWAT team where no one gets hurt. It can only happen on FRIENDS AND RIVALS EPISODE 155!

    S4E35 - 1h 2m - May 15, 2024
  • Ep. 154 Friends and Rivals Podcast: Bing-Bong!

    It's FRIENDS AND RIVALS EPISODE 154 and join us to travel back in time to the evening of Monday May 6 as we try to talk hockey while the Knicks play game 1 of their series with the Pacers. Did you know that the Pacers were named for the Pace Car of the Indianapolis 500? Yeah, "who cares" is RIGHT! Nick gives the Islanders' season a poetic send-off. Tom glows in the Rangers 5-0 playoff start. Steve and Bill moved on from hockey weeks ago and are just waiting for everyone to shut up about it already on FRIENDS AND RIVALS EPISODE 154!

    S4E34 - 1h 11m - May 7, 2024
  • Ep. 153 Friends and Rivals Podcast: How Sweep It Is!

    It's FRIENDS AND RIVALS EPISODE 153 and whether you like the Rangers or not, you have to admit that it's good to see the Capitals get a taste of their own medicine. OK OK...if you're specifically a Devils fan, it's not good to see. We know you hate the Rangers with all your might. You hate the Rangers more than you like your own team. That has always been evident. Rest assured, we are ALL rooting against the Rangers in round 2. OK OK...except for the real Rangers fans. We all know you guys come out of the woodwork when your team gets hot, and you're too stupid to understand that your franchise is a punchline. How many Rangers fans does it take to change a lightbulb? Trick question. None of you have money left over for lightbulbs after shelling out $300 per ticket for the last row of the arena for a regular season game against Anaheim as you all pay for The Sphere and for Jimmy Dolan to hang out with his buddies like Harvey Weinstein. Islanders fans? Don't get me started as their season hangs from a thread (like it has for the last 3 months - strong thread!) So check out FRIENDS AND RIVALS EPISODE 153!

    S4E33 - 1h 10m - Apr 30, 2024
  • Ep. 152 Friends and Rivals Podcast: WTF IS GOING ON WITH THE PLAYOFFS?

    It's FRIENDS AND RIVALS EPISODE 152 and 4 out of 5 Pat McAfees recommend us over the leading brand. We shrug off the people ripping us off and talk about the end of the Penguins' season, and the Rangers and Islanders first round battles. There's Money Talks and Steve's Stomach, but WTF is the other thing? And if you listen all the way through, there might be some Olive Garden in it for you on FRIENDS AND RIVALS EPISODE 152!

    S4E32 - 1h 16m - Apr 22, 2024
  • Ep. 151 Friends and Rivals Podcast: Thank You President Biden!

    It's FRIENDS AND RIVALS EPISODE 151 and we have a special Presidential pardon to celebrate the New York Rangers' spectacular regular season. Tom's Rangers seal the deal on their regular season championship, winning the President's Trophy on Monday night. That's good because that's the only banner they will be able to hang at MSG in October since winning that trophy is the kiss of playoff death. Steve eulogizes the actual death of the Devils' season, Nick celebrates the Isles clinching their playoff berth with their mad late season run, and Billy's Penguins hang by a thread that could break before their final game begins. You can cut the tension with a knife, but for the love of god please don't take out any sharp objects while this Penguins season hangs by a thread! Just listen to FRIENDS AND RIVALS EPISODE 151 and think dull thoughts.

    S4E31 - 1h 12m - Apr 16, 2024
  • Ep. 150 Friends and Rivals Podcast: Nothing I Can Do; A Total Eclipse Of The Hart

    It's FREINDS AND RIVALS EPISODE 150 and if you don't listen, I shall block out the sun again, SEE IF I DON'T! These are dark days indeed when we have to discuss the Islanders and Penguins as legitimate playoff contenders. How is that possible? We also discuss Hart Trophy candidates and prepare you for the end of the NHL season and the playoffs. We say goodbye to one of our OG segments on the show, and prepare for what's next on FRIENDS AND RIVALS EPISODE 150!

    S4E30 - 1h 22m - Apr 9, 2024
  • Friends and Rivals Episode 149: Just The Two Of Us, You And I

    It's FRIENDS AND RIVALS EPISODE 149 and if you're sick of all things New York, this is the episode for you! Tom is away on assignment tickling Artemi Panarin's taint, and Nick is on vacation so his house at 1400 Edwards Mill Road in Raleigh, North Carolina is empty if you can get past the RING doorbell security and want to pretend you are your favorite podcast host for a few days. So tune in for hockey talk without the annoying New York slant, and stay for a little music talk as well. We do what we want on FREINDS AND RIVALS EPISODE 149!

    S4E29 - 24m - Apr 2, 2024
  • Ep. 148 Friends and Rivals Podcast: Devils Closing In On The Playoffs!

    It's FRIENDS AND RIVALS EPISODE 148 and the Devils are closing ground like a cheetah on the wild card spots in the Eastern Conference, according to Steve! The Penguins continue to wave the white flag, the Islanders are getting ready to do the same, and the Rangers re-take the league's best record and get ready for playoff competition. So tune in to the once-in-a-generation podcast FREINDS AND RIVALS EPISODE 148!

    S4E28 - 1h 21m - Mar 26, 2024
  • Ep. 147 Friends and Rivals Podcast: Bo Knows Garbage Fries

    It's FRIENDS AND RIVALS EPISODE 147 and you're going to want some extra catsup. The NHL's GM meetings are underway so let's fix what ain't broke! We discuss the most interesting NHL stars to follow for the upcoming docuserieses (?) and there's a wager in the works for the Devils vs Penguins. We bring you around the Metro as the Rangers settle in for their playoff run, the Islanders keep chasing the Wings and Flyers, and the Devils and Penguins make plans for next year. So grab your favorite fast food fries and relax with FRIENDS AND RIVALS EPISODE 147!

    S4E27 - 1h 28m - Mar 19, 2024
  • Ep. 146 Friends and Rivals Podcast: The Egg Came First!

    It's FRIENDS AND RIVALS EPISODE 146 and we answer the age old question; which came first, the chicken or the egg? We also go over the winners and losers from the NHL trade deadline, discuss the Penguins and Devils fading from contention, and the Islanders making a case for postseason play. Everything you need to know about the NHL from the Swedish Chef to Shamu to The Great One is on FRIENDS AND RIVALS EPISODE 146!

    S4E24 - 1h 34m - Mar 12, 2024
  • Ep. 145 Friends and Rivals Podcast: A Ruff Day For Lindy

    It's FRIENDS AND RIVALS EPISODE 145 and Lindy sure has it Ruff, as the Devils announce the firing of their head coach only 2 and a half years after their fans began to loudly request precisely this thing. What's next for the Devils and interim coach Seth Green? We also discuss the first place Rangers, the Islanders and their chances to catch the Flyers for the final playoff berth, and the Penguins inability to finish games or play situational hockey. And this week, all of our listeners get FREE chicken nuggets before 10:30AM ONLY! Because you listen to FREINDS AND RIVALS EPISODE 145!

    S4E23 - 1h 24m - Mar 5, 2024
  • Ep. 144 Friends and Rivals Podcast: Tom Fitzgerald Has An Itchy Trigger Finger

    It's FRIENDS AND RIVALS EPISODE 144 and apparently all trades are set to go through New Jersey! We discuss the hottest players on the trade block and also the homely ones (we're talking to you Chris Tanev) and figure out within 0 to 8 percent accuracy exactly where they will all end up. Then we go around the Metro and talk about the week for the first place Rangers and then the other thickheaded teams that are chasing them. So punch up your Domino's order and relax and listen to FRIENDS AND RIVALS EPISODE 144!

    S4E22 - 1h 31m - Feb 28, 2024
  • Ep. 143 Friends and Rivals Podcast: Metlife Stadium Home Teams Don't Suck For The First Time This Decade!

    It's FRIENDS AND RIVALS EPISODE 143 and if this Stadium is Rockin' don't come a-knockin'! The Devils undress the Flyers and then the Rangers and Islanders play an instant classic in the Meadowlands. The Penguins retire Jaromir Jagr's number and should just retire their season. And where does the Money say that the Islanders and Penguins are going to go when the trade deadline comes? It's your personal fountain of youth on FRIENDS AND RIVALS EPISODE 143!

    S4E21 - 1h 18m - Feb 21, 2024
  • Ep. 142 Friends and Rivals Podcast: Jesus has a foot fetish

    It's FRIENDS AND RIVALS EPISODE 142 and we hear you Jesus. Clean those feet. Get in there real deep-like. We weigh in on the best SuperBowl commercials, talk about the Morgan Reilly incident and suspension, and go over all of the happenings in the NHL's Metro division. So wash them filthy feet and join us on FRIENDS AND RIVALS EPISODE 142!

    S4E20 - 1h 21m - Feb 14, 2024
  • Ep. 141 Friends and Rivals Podcast: We're Going To The Sphere!

    It's FRIENDS AND RIVALS EPIISODE 141 and we're back from a short break to bring you the rest of this season's NHL action! The all-star game happened. How did that go? We don't know what happened on the ice but we have been watching Tate McRea on repeat for the last three days. The Rangers and Devils get back into action against the Avalanche, the Penguins take on the Jets, and the Islanders visit Toronto. We all won! WOO HOO! So grab your kissin' cousin and buckle in for the second half of the NHL season and all of the wholesome goodness of FRIENDS AND RIVALS EPISODE 141! We won't bite.

    S4E19 - 1h 10m - Feb 7, 2024
  • Ep. 140 Friends and Rivals Podcast: HELLOOOOOO UTAH!

    It's FRIENDS AND RIVALS EPISODE 140 and we know that all YOU want to know is what's up with the NHL in Utah? Yes, there are truly no bigger stories right now. At least none that any team will comment on. I mean, unless you think that 4 NHL players and one additional former Team Canada player being told to surrender to authorities in Ontario is a thing that we should be thinking about. Also, the Penguins park their season in their own net, the Rangers continue to fall apart, the Islanders finally get a new head coach, and the Devils...well there's a lot to unpack with the Devils from bad boys taking time off to go get arrested to an a**hole coach benching young players for no good reason to injured superstars who are planning to play in the all-star game. And you can unpack it all during FRIENDS AND RIVALS EPISODE 140!

    S4E18 - 1h 32m - Jan 25, 2024
  • Ep. 139 Friends and Rivals Podcast: LIVIN' ON A PRAYER!

    It's EPISODE 139 OF THE FRIENDS AND RIVALS PODCAST and whoaaaaa...we're halfway there! The NHL season is at the halfway point; who are the surprises? Who are our teams' MVPs, and who needs to step up and do gooder? It's a long episode for sure, but we know you'll all stick around until the end unlike the Islanders. So grab the keys to the Zamboni and join us on FRIENDS AND RIVALS EPISODE 139!

    S4E17 - 1h 37m - Jan 17, 2024
  • Ep. 138 Friends and Rivals Podcast: STORMING INTO 2024!

    It's FREINDS AND RIVALS EPISODE 138 and we're gonna blow you away! How are the GMs going to fix the NHL in March? Where are our Stadium Series jerseys? The Devils lose to the Canucks. The Rangers lose to the Canucks. The Islanders lose to the Canucks. The Penguins play the Canucks on Thursday. Now Hartford? The Whale? They only beat Vancouver once, maybe twice in a lifetime. So if you haven't blown away by Finn, then check out EPISODE 138 OF FRIENDS AND RIVALS!

    S4E16 - 1h 26m - Jan 10, 2024
  • Ep. 137 Friends and Rivals Podcast: WACKALICIOUS!!!

    It's FRIENDS AND RIVALS EPISODE 137, we're back from Christmas break and as the kids say, we're wackalicious! Do we know what the f*** that means? No! But we're definitely that! The Penguins get hot and go nowhere, the Devils continue their ups and downs, the Islanders have a new nemesis, and all is right in Rangers-land unless you include the game that ended as we actually recorded the episode. We have Nick Impressions Classic, What's Inside Steve's Stomach or This Date in Steve's Stomach or...I don't know what they were arguing about to tell you the truth. Why don't you tell me after you check out FRIENDS AND RIVALS EPISODE 137!

    S4E15 - 1h 18m - Jan 3, 2024
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