Ep.66 Community Chronicles

Episode 66
46m | Feb 9, 2024

Hold onto your gas masks, survivors, because you're about to experience DayZ through your eyes! In this immersive episode, Dave and Andy step aside to let your harrowing tales, hilarious encounters, and nail-biting escapes take centre stage.

That's right, we're diving into the heart of the community, reading out real stories submitted by you, the brave souls who've braved the unforgiving wilderness of Chernarus and beyond.

Every story is a window into the unique tapestry of DayZ's ever-evolving world. Whether it's a chilling encounter, a moment of heartwarming collaboration, or a side-splitting mishap, your experiences are what make DayZ so special.

So, tune in and listen to your fellow survivors share their tales of triumph and tragedy, reminding us that the true stories of DayZ are written by the players themselves. This episode is a celebration of your courage, resilience, and creativity in the face of a brutal world.

Submit your story: Want to have your DayZ experience featured? Head over to and share your tale with the community!

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