Bronwyn Davis: Ketamine Assisted Breakthroughs for Burnout Recovery

53m | Dec 17, 2023

Welcome, dear listeners, to a captivating transformation and personal growth journey. I'm Cait Donovan, your host for today's episode. In this episode, we have the incredible privilege of delving into a conversation that promises to be nothing short of life-changing. She's not just here to talk the talk; she's walked the walk. So, grab your favorite beverage, get comfy, and prepare to be inspired as we introduce you to the remarkable Bronwyn Davis.

Episode Highlights:

Bronwyn Davis stresses the importance of embracing new approaches to personal growth, emphasizing that it's not a quick fix but a profound tool for self-discovery. Her insights reveal that preparation and a guided environment are key for successful ketamine sessions. She blends internal family systems therapy concepts to address potential resistance, underlining the need for both physical and emotional safety.

Now, here's the kicker: ketamine-assisted coaching is tailor-made for self-aware high achievers looking to conquer their inner obstacles. It's a transformative journey towards self-love and clarity, but the real magic happens when you integrate those insights into your daily life.

Bronwyn shares her own personal growth journey with ketamine.

This episode is your ticket to discovering the potential of ketamine-assisted coaching for burnout recovery and personal transformation. It's all about embracing openness, prioritizing safety, and ensuring ongoing support along the way.

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