"Words can inspire. And words can destroy. So choose yours well." Keeping in line with this idea, the Rotaract Club of SD College presents a source of words with the power to motivate, inspire, and excite. Having avid episodes based on topics ranging from Mental Health to Career Guidance, we hope to indulge the audience in a journey of exploring oneself and the world!


Escape In Space- Debunking Space Theories
Show Details31min 33s
Ukraine War- Exclusive Interview With A Russian
Show Details50min 9s
Find Your Way With Affirmations
Show Details12min 41s
The Real Side Of Valentine
Show Details28min 52s
News You Might Have Missed (January)
Show Details6min 55s
"Why is Russia fighting with it's neighbours?"
Show Details13min 14s
Unlocking The Right Way To Meditate
Show Details13min 43s
Productive Hours -A Day Well Spent
Show Details18min
Do I Really Have Anxiety?
Show Details18min 5s
Take on resolutions 2022
Show Details10min 11s
Let's Know What LGBTQ+ Community Really is
Show Details14min 33s
Feminism: The Indian Experience
Show Details18min 51s
News you might have missed: Nov & Dec edition 2021
Show Details9min 33s
What Should I Read Next?
Show Details15min 30s
Feminism: Let's Talk about It {Part 1/2}
Show Details28min 16s
Let's normalize being a Transgender
Show Details45min 57s
The Art of Making Friends
Show Details14min 16s
Current Affairs [ Crisp-Short News for you to Stay Updated ]
Show Details7min 25s
Social Media Artists- A Melodious Episode
Show Details28min 28s
News You Might Have Missed- For SEPTEMBER '21
Show Details9min 9s
News You Might Have Missed- For MAY '21
Show Details8min 49s
Show Details13min 3s
Escape in Space- Space Bucket List
Show Details11min 11s
News You Might Have Missed- For April '21
Show Details7min 9s
Farhat- First Love Yourself
Show Details28min 40s
Escape in Space- Mars: our second home?
Show Details7min 59s
COVID-19 Vaccine - Myths v/s Facts
Show Details5min 12s
News You Might Have Missed- For March '21
Show Details13min 22s
Show Details26min 29s
Escape in Space- Gravity
Show Details13min 4s
News You Might Have Missed- For February '21
Show Details10min 20s
Escape in Space
Show Details1min 33s
Union Budget 2021-22
Show Details14min 30s
Child Labour
Show Details12min 32s
National Education Policy
Show Details30min 25s
Story of Elections- INDIA v/s USA
Show Details14min 47s
Show Details11min 12s
FARM BILLS 2020 Part 2
Show Details40min 57s
FARM BILLS 2020 Part 1
Show Details29min 1s
Show Details3min 16s
Show Details1min 26s