Free NFL Bets

On this Podcast I will be giving out all of the NFL bets that I place during that NFL week. I will be giving out all sorts of plays as I like to play anything that I see value in.

I am by no means a professional handicapper and you should play these bets at your own risk. Do not consider this financial advice either.

However, I have been doing this for around 7 years and have been following the NFL extremely closely the past 20 seasons and have an amazing understanding of each team.

My goal is to keep all of my bets under -120 and have a winning percentage around %58. I was a little over 62% in 2020 and have developed a strategy that I feel can produce great results. You won't want to miss these FREE NFL BETS!!


Week 2 NFL Bets and Picks - Free NFL Bets, Player Props & Teasers
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Free Week 2 NFL Player Prop - DeVonta Smith Receptions
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Free Week 1 NFL Bets - Spread, Parlays and Player Props Picks
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Free Week 1 NFL Player Prop Bet - Raheem Mostert Rushing Attempts
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Free NFL Player Prop Bet - Week 1 Dak Prescott OVER/UNDER 39.5 Passing Attempts
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Free NFL Season Future Bets - Atlanta Falcons 2021 Total Wins
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Free NFL Season Future Bets - Buffalo Bills Total Wins for 2021
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Free NFL Season Future Bets - Tampa Bay Buccaneers Total Wins
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Free NFL Season Future Bets - Green Bay Over Under Total Wins
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Free Week 1 NFL Spread Bet - Seahawks @ Indianapolis
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Antonio Brown Future Prop - Free NFL Bet
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The Real Episode 0
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