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Fostered My Stories

FMS is an achievement-focused podcast for those associated with Foster Care, Adoption, Orphans, and Underserved Communities.

Every Wednesday of the month listeners can engage in insights and interviews with Featured, Community, and Special Guests.

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S13:E50 The Redemption Storyline Includes You!
Show Details12min 48s
S13:EP49 Foster Care Reform with Cheryl Williams
Show Details35min 40s
How To Find Progressive Healing From Past Trauma?
Show Details27min 46s
Epworth Children's Home Strengthens Communities
Show Details19min 34s
Changing The Expected Narrative
Show Details9min 48s
How Can Loss Turn Into Purpose? Find Out With Porshe Colts
Show Details14min 52s
March Recap+ Can You Answer The Question Of The Month?
Show Details9min 1s
How Does Karen Phillips Restore Hope With The Homeless?
Show Details25min 30s
FMS S11:E42 How Can Encouragement Ignite Hope?
Show Details7min 43s
FMS S11:E41 How To Define Influence With The Starks?
Show Details22min 35s
FMS S10:E40 Recap+ 1 Year Highlight
Show Details6min 46s
FMS S10:E39 The South Carolina Foster Parent Association
Show Details14min 41s
FMS S10:E38 How To Relate To The Uncomfortable?
Show Details10min 39s
FMS S10: E37 How Did A Mentor Inspire Foster Care Success Sensei Dave Armstrong?
Show Details42min 56s
FMS Season 9 Ep: 36 Dr. June P. Murray
Show Details47min 10s
FMS Season 9 Ep: 35 Relate 2U October
Show Details7min 23s
FMS Season 9 Ep: 34 Fostering The Purpose Seminar
Show Details26min 26s
FMS Season 9 Ep: 33 Amber Jewell
Show Details13min 54s
FMS Season 8 Ep: 32 Daniel McCullum
Show Details27min 43s
FMS Season 8 Ep: 31 Nadine Johnson
Show Details27min 30s
FMS Season 8 Ep: 30 Relate 2U Highlights Sept
Show Details5min 58s
FMS Season 8 Ep: 29 Recap+
Show Details2min 24s
FMS Season 7 Ep: 28 LaToya Reed
Show Details11min 50s
FMS Season 7 Ep: 27 Lee Carroll
Show Details34min 28s
FMS Season 7 Ep: 26 Relate 2U Highlights
Show Details8min 10s
FMS Season 7 Ep: 25 June Recap +
Show Details4min 31s
FMS Season 6 Ep: 24 May Recap +
Show Details4min 24s
FMS Season 6 Ep: 23 Melinda Grayson
Show Details18min 52s
FMS Season 6 Ep:22 Relate 2U Highlights
Show Details7min 51s
FMS Season 6 Ep: 21 Jasmine Farrior
Show Details55min 9s
FMS Season 5 Ep: 20 Dr. Cheryl Hill
Show Details35min 17s
FMS Season 5 Ep: 19 Becky DeWitt
Show Details16min 39s
FMS Season 5 Ep: 18 Relate 2U Highlights
Show Details6min 8s
FMS Season 5 Ep: 17 Rhonda Littleton
Show Details19min 49s
FMS Season 4 Ep: 16 Dr. John DeGarmo
Show Details12min 43s
FMS Season 4 Ep: 15 Kiwan N. Fitch-Webster
Show Details28min 57s
FMS Season 4 Ep: 14 Relate 2U Highlights
Show Details4min 50s
FMS Season 4 Ep: 13 Marcus Evans
Show Details13min 46s
FMS Season 3 Ep: 12 Lyman Gibbs
Show Details34min 4s
FMS Season 3 Ep: 11 Shana Asby
Show Details39min 48s
FMS Season 3 Ep: 10 Relate 2U Highlights
Show Details10min 5s
FMS Season 2 Ep: 9 DeAnna Bookert
Show Details21min 47s
FMS Season 2 Ep: 8 Jessica Green
Show Details20min 21s
FMS Season 2 Ep: 7 Relate 2U Highlights
Show Details6min 38s
FMS Season 2 Ep: 6 Jamal Stroud
Show Details32min 49s
FMS Season 1 Ep: 4 Ginger Baerg
Hide Details17min 52s

Interview with Community Guest Ginger Baerg, an Foster/Adoptive Parent and Math Teacher.

Mentioned Book: My Patchwork Family is currently available for purchase on

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17min 52s
Published Dec 23, 2020 at 8:00pm
FMS Season 1 Ep: 3 Jessica Burton
Show Details17min 7s
FMS Season 1 Ep: 2 Relate 2 U Highlights
Show Details10min 15s
FMS Season 1 Ep: 1 Premier
Show Details9min 38s
FMS Premier Insight
Show Details1min