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For The Girls

Get ready to raise the bar and become the woman of your dreams. This podcast is for the woman who won’t settle for average and who believes they can have it all. It won’t always be pretty, but it will always be real and honest. In this podcast, I discuss all things confidence, raising your standards, self love and care, relationships and dating, money and ambition, abundance mindsets, friendships, winning, self awareness, and more. New episodes are released every Monday to keep you up to date weekly on becoming your best self. Your 2.0 self will thank you for listening!


The Unity Of Celibacy & Divine Masculinity with Women’s Coach Victoria de Vall
Show Details1hr 41min
It's OK to Change Your Mind... Plus, CELEBRATING 50 EPISODES OF FOR THE GIRLS!
Show Details1hr 1min
Self Love, Independence & When it Becomes TOXIC
Show Details36min 51s
The Depth of the Tragedy and The Magnitude of The Privilege of Motherhood, with Christina Smallwood, Celebrity Hairstylist and Business Owner
Show Details1hr 20min
Social Media Isn't the Problem in Your Relationship (Or Situationship), with Kornelija Slunjski, Your Boujee BFF
Show Details1hr 14min
How to Be High Maintenance 101
Show Details45min 5s
Using Honesty to Improve Communication Skills, Embrace Your Confidence & Get EVERYTHING You Want
Show Details23min 2s
You Wouldn't Have Your Best Qualities Without Your Worst Experiences
Show Details17min 16s
Lessons Learned & Knowing Your Worth with Joe Millionaire's Carolyn Moore, CEO of Lion and Loki
Show Details45min 25s
The Modern Woman of Faith, with Tiana Musarra
Show Details1hr 2min
Rebuilding Your Business with Confidence, with Aishah Mohamed, Content Marketing Strategist and Creator
Show Details45min 3s
5 Tips for Your Next Solo Trip
Show Details24min 59s
The 5 Things You Need to Manifest Your Hot Girl Summer
Show Details39min 33s
Should You Care What People Think About You?
Show Details46min 16s
You Will NEVER Regret Committing To Your Goals
Show Details27min 27s
Closing the Blinds Doesn't Mean the Sun's Not Shining
Show Details25min 16s
Chasing Happiness in Your Career, NOT F*Boys with Mariah Grippo, Founding Member of Little Words Project & Creator of the "YOU'RE DONE" Series on TikTok
Show Details1hr 30min
The Truth About 75 Soft, with 75 Hard VETERAN Grace Marlow
Show Details1hr 1min
You’re the Main Character & You’re Entitled to Your Standards
Show Details25min 26s
The Power of PATIENCE
Show Details32min 51s
WWVD? Answering Your Questions and Giving Advice!
Show Details59min 55s
They Disrespect You Every Time They Come Back
Show Details17min 27s
Say 'Thank You' and 'You're Welcome' if You Know Your Value
Show Details17min 13s
Jealousy is the Root of All Evil, with Janet Namaste
Show Details1hr 5min
Money Mindset and Abundant Habits
Show Details24min 47s
It's My Birthday! Sharing My Journey with Alcohol
Show Details37min 45s
The Moment I Knew I Was a MASTER MANIFESTER...
Show Details31min 28s
Dating Yourself First
Show Details21min 23s
If You Want to Influence in 2022, You Need Tiktok + a Cult-Like Following
Show Details24min 11s
Results or Excuses: You Can't Have Both.... Are You Willing to Make Your Vision Board HAPPEN?
Show Details22min 29s
Successful Women & Dating: What High Value Men Fall For with Crystal Irom, Love and Manifestation Coach
Show Details53min 43s
What We're Starting, Stopping, and Continuing in 2022...
Show Details45min 2s
If You Could Guarantee Your Life in 6 Months...
Show Details22min 15s
TRAUMA: What It Is, How to Identify It, and How to Overcome it, with Janet Namaste
Show Details53min 41s
If You Don't Have Confidence, HAVE COURAGE.
Show Details15min 53s
You NEED To Forgive Yourself
Show Details16min 27s
GUT CHECK: The Foundation, Holistic Approaches, & Birth Control with Noelle Malpeso, Health Coach
Show Details34min 20s
Failure is Part of the Process. IS WINNING NON-NEGOTIABLE FOR YOU?
Show Details21min 3s
A Closed Mouth Doesn't Get Fed
Show Details38min 4s
Branding & Authenticity with Abigail Hall, Owner & Creative Director of Tone the Agency
Show Details40min 33s
Self Care is More Than a Spa Day
Show Details12min 43s
CONFIDENCE is a Byproduct of ACTION, Plus More Tips: I Only Want What Wants Me
Show Details25min 21s
Raising Your Standards with Kornelija Slunjski, Your High Maintenance BFF
Show Details47min 42s
Being an Empath & How It Affects Friendships (Good and BAD...)
Show Details25min 49s
Girls Just Wanna Have FUNDS... & Yes, I'm Moving AGAIN!
Show Details34min 7s
From Implant to Explant: Breast Implant Illness with Liz Lugo
Show Details36min 44s
The Difference Between Masculine & Feminine Energy, Especially in Romantic Partners
Show Details24min 25s
Tough Love: Discipline vs. Motivation
Show Details16min 6s
From PR to Massive Influencer Agency with Samantha Zinkovich, owner of Zink Talent
Show Details34min 42s
Women Fall for Sex, Men Fall for Emotion... Yes, You Read that Right.
Show Details24min 41s
We Don't Match Energy, We Maintain Ours
Show Details14min 20s
Let's Go, Girls
Show Details1min 16s