35: The WIVES - Guests Tatyana Blankenship & Nikole Gates

1h 47m | Jul 3, 2023

Today we host our two favorite people in the world; our wives! We discuss the story of our relationships, how we have navigated bodybuilding, fitness, and business with our best friends by our sides.

What is Food, Fitness & Family?

Two Coaches sit down weekly to discuss all things Food, Fitness & Family. In depth conversations on nutrition, exercise, and how to prioritize both your health and family life. Balance is essential in life and we aim to guide you in your journey.

Marcus Gates, owner of Thriving Lives Fitness, LLC: Online Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching and Personal Training.

IG: @thrivinglivesfitness

Caleb Blankenship, owner of Blankslate Fitness & Body Shop Gym and Personal Training.

IG: @blankslatefitness_91 & @bodyshopgymandtraining

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