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FOH with Kelly Sullivan and Lillian DeVane

FOH (front of house) is a weekly podcast about the restaurant industry brought to you by two service industry veterans. Sometimes political, usually dumb, always a good dang laugh!


Peanut Butter Side Down
Show Details44min 44s
No Emotion Fall
Show Details51min 6s
Tart Harvest
Show Details45min 46s
I Can't Do My Work!
Show Details49min 28s
You Can't Cancel Dumb
Show Details45min 40s
Show Details52min 10s
Excellent Lovers
Show Details39min 2s
Fueled By Water
Show Details52min 36s
Mozart for Babies
Show Details54min 37s
Are We Bad?
Show Details53min 23s
First Stepdad
Show Details44min 24s
Show Details51min 55s
Lion of the Senate
Show Details52min 41s
Beat Scurvy
Show Details41min 53s
Hot or Not
Show Details47min 51s
Not Here for the Facts
Show Details47min 14s
**UNLOCKED PATREON** Slumber Party!
Show Details54min 22s
Beezlebub's Foot Soldier
Show Details49min 18s
The Fog of War
Show Details49min 25s
That's My Jam
Show Details48min 33s
Bog Monster
Show Details46min 7s
Virginia Woolf, Who's Afraid Of
Show Details51min 49s
Pull the Plug
Show Details44min 48s
Debunk Koko
Show Details1hr 2min
Great Value Speed
Show Details47min 24s
Babies and Lambs
Show Details48min 9s
Shadows and Whispers
Show Details43min 18s
Laying Hands
Show Details47min 30s
The Juul Dilemma
Show Details36min 25s
100 Years of FOH
Show Details41min 27s
The Decline of "It"
Show Details41min 5s
Baby Bell
Show Details33min 16s
Sloppy Gloop Person
Show Details45min 14s
You Old Lang Sign
Show Details44min 23s
Kelly's Search For The Trashcan
Show Details44min 11s
To Protect and To Serve
Show Details47min 25s
Jackals At My Heels
Show Details36min 7s
Show Details33min
Show Details52min 16s
You're No Billy Crystal
Show Details45min 57s
The Simple Switchboard
Show Details39min 11s
New Bitch In Town
Show Details43min 19s
Mate, You're Sick
Show Details46min 55s
Big Jerk-Off
Show Details42min 42s
Suicide By Kelly
Show Details46min 4s
Show Us Your Papers
Show Details57min 30s
**UNLOCKED** Hit List Patreon Episode!
Show Details29min 45s
Say More
Show Details59min 52s
Blood Uncle
Show Details40min 19s
Call Rebecca
Show Details50min 57s
Show Details41min 23s
166: Brad's Drink
Show Details38min 3s
165: Before I've Had My Coffee
Show Details51min 26s
164: Resy x DOD
Show Details38min 19s
163: Moxie
Show Details44min 54s
162: Everybody Here Loves You
Show Details41min 40s
161: It's Bubble
Show Details40min 11s
160: Ya-ling Ya-ling
Show Details38min 48s
159: Summer Of Vomit
Show Details37min 41s
158: The Washington
Show Details32min 46s
157: Big White Sunglasses
Show Details54min 55s
156: Havana Syndrome
Show Details33min 15s
155: Back On The Horses
Show Details37min 6s
154: Stick Her Sous
Show Details41min 31s
153: Chally Chat
Show Details42min 2s
152: Lord Dracula
Show Details32min 31s
151: Don't Make Me Tap The Sign
Show Details40min 31s
150: No Regrets
Show Details42min 3s
149: Oat Tillman
Show Details32min 38s
148: Doublespeak
Show Details42min 11s
147: CLIP SHOW: The Best Of The Worst
Show Details1hr 8min
146: Party Girl
Show Details39min 53s
145: Nerd Problem
Show Details41min 26s
144: Original Computer
Show Details36min 56s
143: All Moms Are Sponsored Moms
Show Details42min 1s
142: **UNLOCKED** Art Bell & John Lear Patreon
Show Details38min 9s
141: Shortlisted
Show Details38min 51s
140: Know Your Watershed
Show Details43min 31s
139: Annihilation of Fun
Show Details34min 5s
138: Hollywood Wine Agents
Show Details46min 11s
137: Over The Top
Show Details55min 16s
136: Downtown
Show Details49min 41s
135: What's The Grog
Show Details34min 41s
134: Dark Money
Show Details42min 39s
133: Gere Heads
Show Details42min 9s
Show Details56min 38s
131: Leading The Witness
Show Details43min 1s
130: The Papal Ring
Show Details37min 7s
129: Nostradamus Wells
Show Details37min 29s
128: Footnote, Me
Show Details45min 9s
127: Hyde Your Identity
Show Details38min 58s
126: Get Me To Quantico
Show Details41min 17s
125: Hot Spots
Show Details37min 58s
124: Good Reaping
Show Details47min 51s
123: Interview//Audio Fuck Up
Show Details47min 40s
122: Ariana On The Beach
Show Details46min 29s
121: Gulliver In The City
Show Details48min 47s
120: Conversion Therapy
Show Details45min 1s
119: In God's Hands
Show Details47min 29s
118: Bad Writing
Show Details54min 7s
117: Always Has Been
Show Details26min 5s
Show Details45min 59s
115: **Fake Episode/Break Time**
Show Details11min 7s
114: Devil You Do, Devil You Don't
Show Details44min 10s
113: Mention It All
Show Details47min 15s
112: Day By Day
Show Details40min 9s
111: Hillbilly Industrial Complex
Show Details45min 8s
110: Starlight
Show Details46min 18s
Show Details49min 1s
108: Torso Drip
Show Details48min 3s
107: Mary, Don't Eat That
Show Details1hr 2min
106: The Room Got Smaller
Show Details48min 58s
105: Chef, Gay
Show Details43min 3s
104: Mind Palace
Show Details48min 4s
103: Thousands Of Twins
Show Details46min 59s
102: Tomfoolery
Show Details45min 36s
101: Sonja Leading The Sonja
Show Details40min 36s
100: Masturbation Cereal
Show Details41min 28s
99: The Ledge Is Our Home
Show Details34min 30s
98: We'll Always Have Zoom
Show Details38min
97: Terminal Screen Time
Show Details40min 48s
96: Quarantine Update!
Show Details10min 17s
Show Details44min 39s
94: I Want Yentl
Show Details35min 16s
93: The Crounche
Show Details39min 48s
92: Six Years, No Results
Show Details42min 9s
91: Dangling The Gun Carrot
Show Details36min 37s
90: Manja, Manja
Show Details32min 1s
89: High On Summer Solstice
Show Details44min 25s
88: They're Calling Em Waitmares
Show Details35min 35s
87: Bagel Fuckin First-Part 2
Show Details26min 9s
86: Bagel Fuckin First-Part 1
Show Details30min 1s
85: Ration Me, Daddy
Show Details44min 46s
84: Upstairs Downstairs
Show Details39min 2s
83: Salami In 2020
Show Details54min 46s
82: A Million Little Things
Show Details36min 21s
81: Die Hard: Butterball Edition
Show Details33min
80: The Fatty, Fatty Crown
Show Details34min 27s
79: You're All Artists
Show Details37min 53s
78: Albert DeSalvo
Show Details44min 44s
77: Inhumane Treatment Of Me
Show Details35min 33s
Show Details55min 43s
75: Bigfoot Has A Bindle
Show Details41min 16s
74: Chris Farley Is Tiny
Show Details43min 24s
73: Zodiac Stuff
Show Details47min 9s
72: Kiss Her On The Bouche
Show Details51min 31s
71: Home For Wayward Guests
Show Details36min 53s
70: Good Will Hunting?
Show Details37min 40s
69: God's Restaurant
Show Details37min 7s
68: An Obese Beagle
Show Details39min 27s
67: Are You There God? It's Me, An Editor
Show Details40min 11s
66: Two Total Losers
Show Details35min 15s
65: Sushi Pizza Place! Sushi Pizza Place!
Show Details43min 12s
64: You Goin Swimmin?
Show Details39min 59s
63: Godwin's Law, Baby!
Show Details39min 59s
62: The Panopticon
Show Details36min 52s
61: Everyone Loves To Get Drunk
Show Details38min 12s
60: I'd Rather You Be A Rapist
Show Details41min 44s
59: Live At Hojoko!
Show Details40min 37s
58: Gladly Pay You Tuesday
Show Details31min 5s
57: A Goosebumps Review
Show Details42min 24s
56: The Pouring Water Of Jobs
Show Details36min 27s
55: I Don't Think About You At All
Show Details39min 15s
54: One Year Itch
Show Details42min 53s
53: Dirty Work
Show Details40min 12s
52: Mr. Gorbachev, Tip Me 20%
Show Details42min 13s
51: I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight
Show Details41min 10s
50: You Should Be Dead
Show Details38min 12s
49: Directed By A Woman
Show Details30min 52s
48: You Got Juiced
Show Details53min 42s
47: Live For Lillian
Show Details38min 46s
46: The Inmates Are Running The Asylum
Show Details40min 47s
45: Live At Gertie!
Show Details48min 30s
44: Google Hell
Show Details31min 8s
43: Negociación
Show Details44min 5s
42: A Little Money Goes A Lot Of Ways
Show Details33min 19s
41: Glover V. Delorean
Show Details35min 33s
40: Cesar Chavez Is Bae
Show Details46min 49s
39: Self-Flagellation
Show Details39min 27s
38: A Beautiful Sieve
Show Details47min 2s
37: Eyes Up, Sally!
Show Details40min 49s
36: Doctors Are Nerds
Show Details42min 41s
35: An Undercurrent Of Darkness
Show Details45min 28s
34: Ever Heard Of David Duchovny?
Show Details37min 18s
33: The Kellys
Show Details33min 38s
32: A Humblebrag Christmas
Show Details43min 6s
31: Fuck You, Pay Me
Show Details43min 6s
30: The Burger Article
Show Details40min 9s
29: Eels and Corn
Show Details52min 16s
28: Me No Trusty
Show Details35min 16s
27: God Hates Somms
Show Details43min 44s
26: *BONUS SPOOKY EPISODE* The Scottish Play
Show Details29min 49s
25: One Cup Ant Poison
Show Details32min 57s
24: Have An Affair, Learn The Guitar
Show Details40min 16s
23: Horror Stories
Show Details42min 55s
22: **DEPRAVED CONTENT** Rat People
Show Details26min 15s
21: Shooting Dogs In The Alley
Show Details39min 14s
20: Burger Flipping Robots
Show Details43min 26s
19: Roll Your Meat
Show Details39min 10s
18: It's Fire Season!
Show Details42min 3s
17: The Boys Like Whiskey And The Girls Like Seafood
Show Details39min 5s
16: Hangover Pros
Show Details32min 22s
15: Can You Be A Feminist And A Waitress?
Show Details24min 13s
14: Hello, Suckers!
Show Details48min 51s
13: Pearl Jam Means Cum
Show Details36min 6s
12: Courting The Sea Turtle Vote
Show Details38min 31s
11: Cut To The Feeling
Show Details35min 41s
10: From Crime To Table
Show Details43min 55s
9: Back To Business, Mr. Bond
Show Details36min 50s
8: Dogs And A Serial Sexual Harasser
Show Details44min 59s
7: Bad Boy Army
Show Details48min 40s
6: Not Too Sweet
Show Details37min 11s
Show Details32min
4: Patio Ghouls
Show Details40min 13s
3: City Mouse, Country Mouse
Show Details55min 18s
2: Celebrities We Have Served And Loved
Show Details40min 59s
1: Death By Brandy Bottle
Show Details33min 41s