FN Sports Bets

F.N. Sports Bets is a show hosted by two young-gun college Kids from Madison, Wisconsin.

What makes our podcast different is the accountability that we give our listeners. We put real money down on the picks we make to show that we have confidence in our research and betting philosophy. A lot of podcasts and people give picks but don’t put money on the line.

We will drop one episode a week starting a few days before the start of the NFL season. Stay tuned!


Ep. 002+ ! (Quick Gameday Parlays+Props)
Show Details3min 51s
Ep. 002 - Week 2 picks!
Show Details38min 59s
Ep. 001+ ! Some last minute props. . .
Show Details3min 7s
Ep. 001 - Week 1! (Shortened- due to technical difficulties)
Show Details15min 36s
Ep. 000 - The Teaser!
Show Details1min 19s