Failure Made Monsters

Current events, music, breaking a whole ass bathroom with a pornstar... no topics are off limits for Santino The Misfit & Dayne Alexander on the Failure Made Monsters weekly live cast. Tune in every Friday at 6pm PST to catch up on the happenings of the 7 crazy days prior. Fully interactive and always entertaining, come cause some trouble with us.


✖️Ep. 34 Guess who's back? Back again!
Show Details1hr 12min
✖️Ep. 33 Happy One Year Coronaversary!
Show Details1hr 18min
✖️Ep. 32 Tour Shenanigans & Rare Diseases (with Andrew Plotkin & Jen Roman)
Show Details1hr 28min
✖️Ep. 31 Psychology, Wrestling, & Video Games (with Frankie Rae aka Annie Cruz)
Show Details1hr 32min
✖️Ep. 30 Reign in Booze (with Matt Slayer)
Show Details1hr 32min
✖️Ep. 29 Impeachy Keen (with John Poveromo)
Show Details1hr 19min
✖️Ep. 28 Numetal Time Machine
Show Details1hr 4min
✖️Ep. 27 The Pump & Dump (with Erin Warner)
Show Details1hr 41min
✖️Ep. 26 Back At It Like A Crack Addict
Show Details1hr 13min
✖️Ep. 25 The End of the Beginning (with John Poveromo)
Show Details2hr 14min
✖️Ep. 23 Dick Eating Ghosts
Show Details2hr 5min
✖️Ep. 22 Black Friday Sideshow
Show Details1hr 21min
✖️Ep. 21 The FreezeHer (with Rocky Russo & Alley Kat)
Show Details1hr 7min
✖️Ep. 20 Bare Butt Cheeks at the Vatican (with Vampirephilia & Andrea Hunter)
Show Details1hr 31min
✖️Ep. 19 Special 2020 Election "Coverage" + Alcohol with Fraandz Pt. 2
Show Details1hr 34min
✖️Ep. 18 Special 2020 Election "Coverage" + Alcohol with Fraandz
Show Details1hr 47min
✖️Ep. 17 Ask Ghoulmaster (with Pete Carter)✖️
Show Details1hr 30min
✖️Ep. 16 Inverted Vampire Sex (with SHOCKTHEMONSTER)✖️
Show Details1hr 10min
✖️Ep. 15 Toilet Training Selfish Lovers (with Alley Kat)✖️
Show Details1hr 3min
✖️Ep. 14: Ask Her For Her Venmo (with John Poveromo)✖️
Show Details1hr 37min
✖️Ep. 13 The Candy Man (with Brandon Williams)✖️
Show Details1hr 2min
✖️Ep. 12: Guest Roulette Edition✖️
Show Details1hr 15min
✖️Ep. 11: Makers Cream (with Michael Pulley)✖️
Show Details1hr 11min
✖️Ep. 10: The Masseuse Caboose (with Rocky Russo)✖️
Show Details1hr 12min
✖️Ep. 9: Baby Wiping Power Rangers (with Kingnyne)✖️
Show Details1hr 16min
✖️Ep. 8: Batman's Emo Phase (with Marc Aces)✖️
Show Details1hr 32min
✖️Ep. 7: NJ Has Its Own Time Zone (with Clinton Cunanan)✖️
Show Details1hr 7min
✖️Ep. 6: Surprise Tattoo! (with Annie Cruz & Payton Sin Claire)✖️
Show Details1hr 15min
✖️Ep. 5: Sweet Tiger Leggings (with Jordan Freda)✖️
Show Details1hr 20min
✖️Ep. 4: Unsolicited Dick Pics on Kodak Film✖️
Show Details58min 2s
✖️Ep. 3: Deep Dish Pedophile Pizza✖️
Show Details1hr 22min
✖️Ep. 2: "I Think We Ain't Done Yet"✖️
Show Details59min 36s
✖️Ep. 1: Origin Story✖️
Show Details55min 44s