FML Talk

When the rug was vigorously pulled out from under her when her husband’s affair came to light, Gabrielle Stone found herself falling into the arms of another man. After a second failed attempt at love, a massive heartbreak, and yet another rug being yanked from under her feet, she decided instead of landing flat on her ass, she’d make a career out of it. Embarking on a wild, soul-searching, solo adventure to Europe, she took her heartbreak and turned it into a best-selling book. Gabrielle Stone, the author of "Eat, Pray, #FML," dishes on all things love, heartbreak, divorce, cheating, and getting the f*%k over it all. After book fans demanded more tea, the FML Talk podcast was born.


F%ck Sex Addiction
Show Details44min 28s
F%cking Little Lies
Show Details34min 53s
See ya’ Never, 2020!
Show Details55s
The F%cking Psychic
Show Details33min
F%ck Grief
Show Details37min 34s
F%ckin' Unicorns
Show Details43min 6s
F%ck Cheaters
Show Details32min 14s
F%ck Abuse
Show Details32min 51s
F%ckin' Solo Travel
Show Details29min 36s
F%ck Con Artists!
Show Details31min 14s
F%ck Narcissists
Show Details38min 32s
F%ck, Mom's Always Right!
Show Details29min 56s
F%ck, Here We Go!
Show Details24min 11s
Welcome to FML Talk!
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