Accessibility in Flutter: Reach More Users with Your Apps by Implementing User-centered Development

53m | Aug 16, 2023

In this week's episode, we had the pleasure of hosting Manuela Sakura Rommel, an accomplished Flutter Developer and recent speaker at FlutterCon. Manuela shared her expertise on accessibility in app development, discussing important topics such as guidelines, tools, and the significance of inclusive design. Join us as we explore the world of accessibility and gain valuable insights from Manuela's extensive knowledge on the topic. Don't miss this informative conversation on Flying High with Flutter!

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00:00 - Intro

01:43 - Reddit API drama

03:12 - Manuela's thoughts on accessibility and issues with popular apps

10:55 - Accessibility guidelines and regulations

15:42 - Manuela's talk at Fluttercon

19:52 - Accessibility guidelines for designers and developers

30:12 - Recommended accessibility tools

31:39 - Accessibility for all users, including neuro-diverse individuals

36:25 - Checking semantics during testing

39:18 - Communicating accessibility as a priority to stakeholders

43:13 - Implementing accessibility at the right step

45:15 - Gathering analytics for your app

46:33 - Closing thoughts and inspiration behind Manuela's talk

50:15 - Finding users to test accessibility in your apps


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