Flutter Insights: Thanksgiving Edition

1h 31m | Nov 29, 2023

In this Thanksgiving special of Flying High with Flutter, former Flutter team developer and Google engineer Matt Carroll joins the show. He discusses his journey since departing Google, including launching SuperDeclarative and leading Flutter Bounty Hunters, and shares insights into recent Flutter changes, his workday developing Flutter at Google, new Dart and Flutter features, competing frameworks, and future projects - providing a unique behind-the-scenes look at Flutter development from one of its founding practitioners.


00:00 - Guest Introduction: Matt Carroll - Ex-Senior Software Engineer at Google, Founder of SuperDeclarative, Chief of Flutter Bounty Hunters

03:33 - Recent events at Flutter: Departure of 18-year-long Flutter Tech Lead Ian Hickson “Hixie”, internal organization

08:41 - Flutter going mainstream?

14:47 - Google Skia, Jetpack Compose, building an Android app UI

23:28 - Flutter bounty hunters project - what is it and how is it going?

28:49 - SuperDeclarative - where does the name come from?

29:54 - Matt's feelings about leaving Google and discussing the investigation that prompted his departure

41:43 - Matt's new project - Translating any Swift UI interfaces into Flutter with ease, and the motivation behind it

56:35 - Matt's preferred way of dealing with State Management

01:03:47 - A glimpse into Matt's typical day

01:04:43 - New features coming to Dart and Flutter, metaprogramming, and functional programming

01:17:10 - Dart as a backend language?

01:21:06 - Possible live coding session in the future?

01:21:50 - Possible Flutter foundation?

01:29:37 - Final thoughts

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