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Float-Live in the Mountain by Er Dong (借山而居)

Er Dong graduated from Xi'An some painting college, in his 20 or 30th, left big city, entered into the Mountain (终南山, south end mountain, or south-est mountain), plants vegetables, wheat and corn, watch flowers, trees and fruits, everything, always takes pictures and selfies... of course he sells his books, possibly including his painting. What he speaks or writes are true and natural, most people including me love his words and pics. 二冬先生毕业于西安某美术学院,二三十岁时离开大城市,去到终南山过隐士的生活,种菜,种小麦和玉米,看花、树和树上结的果子,所有一切,喜欢拍照和自拍。当然他卖他的书,可能也有画(他妹妹还卖亲手采的某种野果子,也占了一个山头)。他写的文字说的话很真实自然,大部分包括我自己觉得这很美,我或我们向往这种生活。


December: Just wanna move to the bird's nestle 想搬到鸟窝里,上老鸹窝里住
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November 十一月 叶落知秋
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October 十月 上班不如放羊;与鸡对视,呆若木鸡,与羊对视,公羊是禁封的人脸
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September 九月,姑娘果,杏树的落叶
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August 8月,小鸡破壳而出;狗的交配权
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July, bugs and snakes 虫和蛇,鬼和孤独
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June Flowers and Grasses 六月的花花草草
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May, funny flowers and bugs in the Mountain 淫羊藿,竹节虫,天牛
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April: 四月,鹅,鹅,额;爸妈来山里小住;报菜名
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March: 桃花,杏花,梨花。七天就是一年
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Feb- Still have snow Don't bother cleaning snow, don't bother poling down 不用扫雪的,该化的时候自然就化了
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January, how to cover the stove 封炉子是个技术活,屋里挂的圣言圣训
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