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Takeoff was set up!
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Quando Rondo friend and shot killed
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Why do black girls need their fathers
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Evidence of Jesus and the prophets being black!
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Can you become institutionalized or have lasting affects from incarceration?
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Killer of ZackTv been arrested!!
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Nappy Flock #4 interviews Nappy Flock #2 (Part 1)
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Story Time : Incarceration sick and sicker
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Gangsters and Civilians
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How the government attacks blacks
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Story Time : Incarceration getting my feet wet [Part 1]
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Why do blacks distrust the police as a community
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Self Determination
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Preparing for a come up
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Story Time : Childhood Adventures part 1
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Black family wealthy
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We are under attack black people!!!
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PGF Nuk disses FBG Duck!!
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