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Fitness+ Wellness Journey with Shalaine

Has life derailed your fitness goals? Health & Wellness is a journey, not a destination of thousands of steps. 

This podcast is for beginners, seniors, group fitness professionals, and anyone interested in continued learning about their health, wellness, and fitness. I hope to inspire you to prioritize your health and live your best life by providing you with the why & how. 

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It's my passion to inspire and change lives all over the world through fitness as an AFAA Master Instructor and fitness conference presenter.


Falling--good for leaves, not people!
Show Details58min 47s
What is your core & how is it central to everything you do?
Show Details47min 18s
Feel like a Zombie? Insomnia got you wide awake?
Show Details58min 11s
Joints & Common Unsafe (Contraindicated) Exercises
Show Details1hr 4min
Move safer and move longer!! If your joints crack when you move, listen now!
Show Details1hr 4min
Can walking be causing your injuries?
Show Details1hr 3min
Can sleep prevent you from getting fat?
Show Details39min 11s
Lose up to 12 lbs a year! Key to weight loss is…water!
Show Details52min 24s
Are you mindlessly eating during quaratine? Try mindful eating instead of dieting!
Show Details55min 46s
Every body needs CARBS!!! How much should you eat to lose/gain weight?
Show Details30min 14s
What are common ways we sabotage our diet?
Show Details55min 10s