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First Time Mum's Chat

How do I help my baby when they are suffering from conditions such as colic/gas, constipation or teething? What can I try to relieve their suffering which is gentle and easy to do? These are the questions that baby massage instructor Helen Thompson lives for! In every single value-packed episode, Helen will be your guide - sharing tips for first time mums to help you and your baby with the issues you face. Each episode is created to help inspire you to take action on the strategies that are proven to work, so you can help your baby. Join First Time Mum's Chat today, and learn how to help your baby when they are suffering. Helen will show you how you can help and how to do it RIGHT.


Early Childhood Development - Shaping Your Little One's Mindset & Behavior For Success
Show Details27min
How to Improve Diastasis Recti & Aid Your Postpartum Recovery After Birth
Show Details26min 43s
Encouraging Your Little One's Learning Using the Montessori Method
Show Details12min 40s
The Importance of Diagnosing Autism & Other Conditions Early in Infant Development
Show Details22min 20s
The Power Of Touch For Premature Babies
Show Details28min 6s
Tips on Parenting With Parenting Coach Sue Atkins
Show Details22min 25s
Tips To Engage With Your Child Using Non-Verbal Communication
Show Details22min 41s
Tips For Creating Your Own Mom Support Community When You Are Motherless
Show Details19min 47s
Let Kids Be Kids & Accept Them For Who They Are
Show Details30min 21s
How To Prepare For Pregnancy Holistically
Show Details34min 32s
Living With Postpartum Anxiety and Depression
Show Details26min 39s
Baby Bonding & Attachment: Building That Special Connection
Show Details35min 42s
How Can Baby Massage Help Baby Sleep?
Show Details12min 48s
Why Moving Your Body Is So Important For Moms
Show Details24min 4s
How To Help Baby With Colic Using Baby Massage Techniques
Show Details6min 9s
Tips On Parenting From a Mother of four
Show Details19min 31s
The Impacts Of Technology On Infant Development
Show Details40min 44s
Simple Science Experiments For Toddlers and Preschoolers
Show Details24min 51s
Baby Nursery Ideas - Tips For Designing Your Baby's Nursery
Show Details25min 2s
Ways To Help Moms Improve Their Emotional Health
Show Details39min 53s
Self Empowerment For Women - Being in Control
Show Details27min 47s
Baby Massage: Hear From a Mum How It Helped Her Baby
Show Details19min 25s
Tips For Planning Successful Outings and Activities For Toddlers
Show Details31min 54s
Preparing For Childbirth - Creating a Birth Plan
Show Details27min 1s
Homes For Moms: Designing a Home For Eco-Conscious Families
Show Details44min 48s
Trusting Your Intuition When It Comes to Pregnancy and Childbirth
Show Details39min 29s
Tips To Improve Posture For Busy Moms
Show Details36min 5s
Emotional Eating: Why It Happens and How To Stop It
Show Details29min 57s
Easing the Stress: How To Get a Toddler To Sleep Better
Show Details44min 52s
Therapeutic Gardening For Kids: Making That Connection With Nature
Show Details28min 58s
Healthy Eating During Pregnancy and Postpartum
Show Details30min 27s
Mom Burnout Is Real, It's Time To Start Taking Care Of You
Show Details33min 9s
A Holistic Approach to Teach Baby Self Soothing
Show Details28min 6s
Conscious Parenting The Key To Breaking Family Cycles
Show Details38min 32s
Helping Moms Re-Ignite That Spark By Bringing Adventure Into Family Life
Show Details22min 21s
Ask the Midwife - Postpartum Questions Answered
Show Details28min 12s
Postpartum Doulas - Easing the Strain After Childbirth
Show Details22min 9s
Live a Richer and Fuller Life By Feeding Your Brain Healthy Foods
Show Details34min 13s
50th Episode
Show Details15min 17s
The Importance of Play in Early Childhood
Show Details26min 50s
The Trials and Tribulations of Raising Kids on a Boat
Show Details36min 31s
Postpartum Care - Self Care Tips to Heal Birth Tearing
Show Details39min 9s
Tips On Holistic Nutrition For Postpartum Moms
Show Details23min 33s
Dance Your Way Into a Happier Postpartum Recovery With Your Baby
Show Details37min 47s
How to Use Positive Parenting to Bond With a Child With Behavioural Issues
Show Details40min 9s
Self Care For Moms - Finding Self-Fulfillment Without Surrendering Your Identity
Show Details33min 33s
Essential Breathing Strategies & Posture Exercises For Postpartum Fitness
Show Details29min 36s
Tips To Rekindle Your Relationship & Heal An Unhappy Marriage After Baby
Show Details31min 13s
Insightful Ways to Improve Your Self Awareness As a Parent
Show Details47min 5s
Tips To Making Fun and Healthy Meals Kids Will Love
Show Details25min 40s
Ways To Heal and Overcome Birth Trauma
Show Details31min
What Is Mom's Guilt and Why It Plagues You
Show Details31min 4s
Questions on Baby Led Weaning, First Foods and Poop
Show Details28min 30s
How to Deal With a Child With ADHD the Holistic Way
Show Details37min 11s
How to Boost Your Baby's Brain Development
Show Details24min 28s
Children's Behavior Problems: Let's Think Outside the Box
Show Details29min 2s
How Can a Postpartum Doula Help First Time Mums?
Show Details27min 11s
Women's holistic health: Helping With Fertility, Pregnancy and Postpartum
Show Details38min 3s
How To Treat Baby Eczema Naturally
Show Details33min 27s
Getting Innovative With Baby's Cognitive Development
Show Details29min 23s
Let's Discuss Postpartum Anxiety and Depression
Show Details44min 2s
Tips For Treating Skin Rashes on Babies
Show Details29min 15s
Recognising & Challenging Our Expectations as Mothers
Show Details35min 26s
How to Encourage Babies to Crawl - Get Them Moving
Show Details11min 20s
Using Positive Behaviour to Communicate With Your Child
Show Details11min 17s
Discovering Baby Yoga
Show Details16min 44s
The Importance Of Self Care For Moms
Show Details18min 15s
Baby Crying Sounds - What's Your Baby Trying to Tell You?
Show Details26min 28s
Which is the Best Baby Monitor For Your Needs?
Show Details10min 49s
Why Baby Sleep Regression is a Healthy Thing
Show Details21min 40s
Returning to Work After Maternity Leave - Easing the Transition
Show Details18min 43s
Further Tummy Time Tips
Show Details10min 36s
Exploring the Benefits of Tummy Time
Show Details23min 17s
When to Start Brushing Teeth for Babies
Show Details10min 1s
Let's Get Real About Newborn Sleep
Show Details26min 29s
How to Use Essential Oils Safely With Your Baby
Show Details35min 27s
The Magic of Storytelling for Kids
Show Details33min 50s
What are the 5 Best Bottles For Colic and Reflux?
Show Details8min 57s
Tips on How to Potty Train Toddlers
Show Details11min 11s
Nanny Vs Daycare - Tips on What to Look For
Show Details19min 32s
Tips For Good Eating - Healthy Nutrition For Babies and Mums
Show Details25min 6s
Dispelling Some of Those Age Old Myths About the Terrible Twos
Show Details11min 51s
Help With Parenting - Why Modern Parenting Isn't Working
Show Details18min 55s
Which Nappies Are Best For Your Baby
Show Details15min 7s
Discover the Magic of Baby Massage
Show Details14min 10s
10 Tips to Help a Colicky Baby
Show Details8min 49s
Ask the Midwife - Discussion on latching, feeding and more!
Show Details32min 53s
The Challenges of Teething
Show Details23min 50s