First Eps

There’s new streaming TV series being released every day. At First Eps we take the guess work out of deciding which new shows to check out by watching the first episode of these series and talking about them with you. Join us for, what’s always, a fun discussion and review of all the new First Eps!


First Eps Awards - Season One Finale Show!
Show Details55min 49s
Shadow and Bone: Light Up the Night
Show Details41min 38s
Dad Stop Embarrassing Me: Throwback or Throw it Back?
Show Details49min 19s
The Nevers: Victorian Era X-(Wo)men
Show Details48min 50s
Star Trek- TNG: Let’s See What’s Out There
Show Details54min 53s
DOTA Dragon’s Blood: Just a Sweet, Sweet Fantasy Baby
Show Details47min 3s
TFATWS: Superheroes...They’re Just Like Us
Show Details34min 51s
Marriage or Mortgage: $1500 for Banana Pudding?!
Show Details37min 25s
The Crew: Race Tracks, Laugh Tracks & Coolattas
Show Details28min 20s
Ep 4: Nightmares & Hip Checks
Show Details37min 5s
Ep 3: Giant-Creepy-Demon-Baby-Spider-Thing
Show Details47min 10s
Ep 2: Sophisticated AF
Show Details28min 37s
Ep 1: Sexy Harry Potter with Wings
Show Details25min 34s