Firmly Planted Podcast

Firmly Planted Podcast is focused on studying the Scriptures for our everyday lives. From going verse-by-verse through Bible passages to tackling the tough questions of our day, Firmly Planted will help you get to know the God of the Bible in a deeper and more personal way. Tyler teaches with passion and clarity as he walks through the Bible. Through apologetics, theology, and Bible study, you will be equipped to be firmly planted in the Bible and grow in your relationship with Jesus.


Episode 9 - The Life of Adrian Rogers and His Impact on Christianity - Interview with David Rogers
Show Details41min 32s
Episode 8 - Spiritual Warfare PART 1: The Battle Is On! (Ephesians 6:10-13)
Show Details43min 9s
Episode 7 - "Why is there Pain and Suffering?" Part 1 - One-Minute Apologetics
Show Details3min 36s
Episode 6 - "What Would Jesus Say about Our Culture?" Matthew 5:1-2
Show Details37min 46s
Episode 5 - "You Can't Disagree with Me!"
Show Details7min 51s
Episode 4 - The Essential Steps to Reading the Bible
Show Details39min 59s
Episode 3 - What We Can Learn From The Ravi Zacharias Investigation
Show Details35min 36s
Episode 2 - Can I know I am a Christian? Identity Crisis, Christian Love and Answered Prayer
Show Details37min 8s
Episode 1 - Can I know I am a Christian? Assurance, Obeying God's Commands and Importance of Church
Show Details39min 4s
Episode 0 - Introduction, Psalms and Tough Questions
Show Details8min 15s