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The Fired Up Browns Podcast

The Fired Up Browns Podcast is a weekly show dedicated to coverage of the Cleveland Browns


Browns Week 14 Preview
Show Details19min 40s
Browns Week 10 Preview
Show Details16min 53s
Browns Week 6 Preview vs. Arizona Cardinals
Show Details27min 13s
Browns Week 5 Review
Show Details28min 59s
Browns Week 5 Preview w/ Garrett Sisti
Show Details27min 37s
Browns Week 4 Review (@ Minnesota Vikings)
Show Details27min 7s
Week 4 Preview w/ Tyler Forness
Show Details32min 48s
Browns Week 3 Review
Show Details25min 38s
Week 3 Preview: Chicago Bears (w/ Kellyn Gerenstein)
Show Details22min 52s
Week 2 Review
Show Details24min 43s
Week 2 Preview w/ Sam Walton
Show Details32min 49s
Week 1 Recap vs Chiefs
Show Details20min 58s
Week 1 Preview: Kansas City Chiefs w/ Jordan Foote
Show Details25min 58s
Preseason Week 3 Recap w/ Adam Holloway
Show Details39min 55s
Browns 2022 NFL Draft Preview
Show Details37min 32s
Episode 11: Preseason Week 2 Recap w/ Zack Dietz
Show Details35min 19s
Episode 10: Preseason Week 1 Recap
Show Details28min 26s
Episode 9: Browns Strengths and Weaknesses (Part 2)
Show Details24min 50s
Episode 8: Browns Strengths and Weaknesses (Part 1)
Show Details36min 46s
Episode 7: Roster Bubble Watch
Show Details24min 43s
Episode 6: Browns Preaseason Awards w/Marcus Harvey (Part 2)
Show Details26min 28s
Episode 5: Browns Pre-Season Awards w/Marcus Harvey (Part 1)
Show Details29min 17s
Episode 4: Top Remaining Free Agents
Show Details20min 41s
Episode 3: Browns 2021 Betting Odds
Show Details22min 38s
Episode 2: Breaking Down The 2021 Browns Schedule
Show Details20min 52s
Episode 1: Breaking Down The Browns Offseason
Show Details58min 18s
The Fired Up Browns Podcast Trailer
Show Details35s