#6: Demystifying the private debt markets: Building a global leader in financial infrastructure solutions with Percent Founder, Nelson Chu

41m | Oct 3, 2022

The private debt markets continue to make their way to the forefront as institutional investors have increasingly turned to them as a source of diversified returns. 

In episode 6 of Fintrepreneur, Dave and Eli bring on Nelson Chu, Founder and CEO of Percent a global leader in financial infrastructure solutions to chat about the private debt markets and how they continue to evolve and how his company has the ability to fill the gaps.

In this episode we cover, Nelson Chu and his journey to founding fintech Percent. The current inefficiencies in the private debt markets and how Nelson believes the private markets have largely been abandoned, trapped in an analog era without any innovation for some time.

To wrap up Nelson discusses how the lack of infrastructure has untapped potential and resulting in a tremendous revenue opportunity.

We appreciate you listening to Fintrepreneur and hope you enjoy this episode!

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