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Haas Fintech Club podcast featuring interviews with fintech founders, investors and innovators from both inside and outside the Haas community.


Crypto Roundtable - How Crypto startups can be the next driver of Fintech, a discussion with 3 crypto startup founders
Show Details1hr 5min
Founder experience comes first - Mark Fiorentino, Index Ventures
Show Details49min 50s
We don't hire assholes! - Dov Marmor, Railsbank
Show Details46min 23s
The importance of saying no quickly and kindly - Nicolas El Base, Partech Partners
Show Details51min 57s
Treasury Prime's plan to modernize the banking system - Jim Brusstar, co-founder Treasury Prime
Show Details49min 41s
Providing access to affordable loans and credit building tools - Lourdes Amayo, Aura
Show Details38min 44s
Building a global infrastructure for underserved individuals - Betsy McCormick, Nova Credit
Show Details39min 33s
Being greedy when everyone is fearful - Moses Lo, Xendit
Show Details46min 18s
Viram Shah, Vested Finance
Show Details37min 24s
Matt Austin, Finix
Show Details41min 55s
Stephen Deng, DFS Lab
Show Details42min 20s