• Less Motivation, More Discipline

    In the "Hustle Harder" episode of the Find Vitti podcast, host Brian Lincoln Jr. delves into the topic of relentless effort and dedication. Brian discusses the mindset of going above and beyond, pushing oneself to the limits, and embracing the hustle. He emphasizes the importance of setting ambitious goals and taking consistent action to achieve them. Brian explores strategies for maximizing productivity, managing time effectively, and maintaining a strong work ethic. The episode serves as a motivational resource for listeners seeking inspiration to work harder, stay committed, and achieve their desired levels of success.

    8m - Jun 27, 2023
  • Bet on Yourself !!!

    In this empowering episode, we delve into the concept of betting on oneself and the incredible potential it holds. Join us as we explore personal stories, expert insights, and practical tips to inspire and guide you on a journey of self-belief, resilience, and self-improvement. Discover the transformative power of taking risks, embracing failure, and trusting your instincts. Whether you're considering a career change, starting a new venture, or simply seeking personal growth, this episode will encourage you to bet on yourself and unlock the untapped possibilities within. Get ready to step outside your comfort zone and embark on a path of self-discovery and success

    15m - Jun 19, 2023
  • Embrace The Change

    In this thought-provoking episode of the BDOTFindsViTTi podcast, join your host, ViTTi, as we delve into the theme of embracing change and navigating transformation in an ever-evolving world. Change is an inevitable part of life, and how we adapt to it can profoundly impact our personal and professional growth.

    15m - Jun 2, 2023
  • Put Your Name on Something - Build a Brand

    In this episode, branding expert, Brian Lincoln Jr., may share his insights and experiences on how to build a successful brand, offer tips and strategies for personal and business branding, and possibly interview guests from different industries who have created successful brands. The episode may also delve into the challenges of brand-building and the importance of consistency, authenticity, and differentiation in creating a memorable brand.

    29m - Apr 27, 2023
  • Have ZERO Tolerance for People

    In this podcast episode, Brian Lincoln Jr explores the importance of zero-tolerance policies in creating a safe and respectful environment. The episode discusses the various contexts where zero-tolerance policies are necessary, such as discrimination, harassment, or violence, and how they have been implemented in different organizations. The host examines the benefits and challenges of zero-tolerance policies and the implications of enforcing them. The episode also looks at the impact of zero-tolerance policies on individuals and communities and discusses alternative approaches to addressing unacceptable behavior. Overall, the episode provides a comprehensive overview of the importance of zero-tolerance policies in creating a safer and more respectful society.

    45m - Apr 25, 2023
  • The Art of Seduction

    exploring the intricacies and nuances of the timeless art of seduction. Hosted by Brian Lincoln Jr, listen as he delves into different seduction techniques, from subtle persuasion to bold gestures, and everything in between. Listeners will gain a deeper understanding of the psychology of attraction and the power of communication, and learn practical tips and strategies for mastering the art of seduction in their own lives. Whether you're looking to improve your dating life, build better relationships, or simply become a more confident and charismatic person, "The Art of Seduction" is the perfect podcast for anyone interested in unlocking the secrets of human connection and attraction.

    30m - Apr 21, 2023
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