Finding Your MANA

Stories about finding your purpose and passion in the world. Compelling tales of successes and failures from different perspectives around the globe.

Highlighting inspirational experiences from the minds of passionate people, world class athletes, influential thinkers, doers and leaders.

Find out what makes good people great, and what they are doing to create positive change in the world.

Join us as we talk rugby, wellness, style, fitness, travel and all things sport.


EPISODE 6: A Candid Talk with a USA Eagle about Rugby, Race, Connections, and Memories
Show Details38min 21s
EPISODE 5: Being an Efficient and Functional Athlete, with a bit of Yoga thrown in
Show Details27min 3s
EPISODE 4: Is my stress better than your stress?
Show Details8min 46s
EPISODE 3: Lack of Control, when we try to control too much
Show Details11min 29s
EPISODE 2: Meet the creators of TORI- Alley and Sarah
Show Details14min 47s
EPISODE 1: The creation of TORI- The Original Rugby Influencer
Show Details6min 2s