Film School'd

Filmmakers make films. Films make filmmakers.

From blockbuster premieres to grindhouse theaters, late-night cable to the local video store – there is no greater classroom for aspiring filmmakers than cinema itself.

Join your host, Eric Skwarczynski, as he dives deep into the minds of legendary directors, producers, actors, and more to discover their biggest influences… and to explore the impact their films are leaving behind.

This is Film School'd.

Grab your popcorn, class is about to begin.


005: Dr. Lisa Funnell | The Evolution of the "Bond Girl"
Show Details1hr 50min
004: Jared Rivet | Creating the Day of the Dead TV Series
Show Details1hr 59min
003: Lucas Cantor | 2x Emmy Winning Composer Shares His Inspirations
Show Details56min 49s
002: BJ McDonnell | Surviving Victor Crowley and Working With the Avengers
Show Details54min 22s
001: Scott Rosenfelt Made Your Favorite Christmas Movie
Show Details58min 57s