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Film School'd

Filmmakers make films. Films make filmmakers.

From blockbuster premieres to grindhouse theaters, late-night cable to the local video store – there is no greater classroom for aspiring filmmakers than cinema itself.

Join your host, Eric Skwarczynski, as he dives deep into the minds of legendary directors, producers, actors, and more to discover their biggest influences… and to explore the impact their films are leaving behind.

This is Film School'd.

Grab your popcorn, class is about to begin.


036: Stuntman Kevin Cassidy on the Art of Falling Down
Show Details1hr
035: Composer Corey Wallace | How to Tell Stories With Music
Show Details1hr 3min
034: Hellraiser's Production Designer, Kathrin Eder, Has Such Sights To Show You
Show Details57min 27s
033: Behind the Lens with Cinematographer Anka Malatynska
Show Details1hr 1min
032: How to Write a Found Footage Movie (Ft. Michael Wallach, The Bay)
Show Details1hr 9min
031: How to Succeed in Show Business | Executive Producer Terissa Kelton
Show Details1hr 1min
030: "Sorry Mom, Sorry Jesus" | Comedian Bruna Portugal
Show Details48min 50s
029: Behind-The-Scenes of "X" and "Pearl" with Cinematographer Eliot Rockett
Show Details1hr 6min
028: Oscar-Winning Make-Up Artist | Ve Neill
Show Details53min 48s
027: The Dark Side of College Sports | Bob DeMars
Show Details1hr 28min
026: Real Life for a Working Actor | Sarah Pribis
Show Details53min 45s
025: VFX Producer Shares Industry Secrets Behind Movie Magic | Zach Hamelton
Show Details1hr 24min
024: Karen Grassle | Bright Lights, Prairie Dust
Show Details1hr 2min
023: Laura Cayouette | Know Small Parts
Show Details1hr 28min
022: Michael Stein | Working with Paul Thomas Anderson & Navigating the Hollywood System
Show Details1hr 4min
021: Katie Chonacas | How to Become a "Soulful Actor"
Show Details51min 36s
020: The Walking Dead's Joshua Mikel Talks Auditions, Acting, and the Zombie Apocalypse
Show Details1hr 3min
019: How to Cast Steven Tyler (And Other Filmmaking Advice) | Casey Tebo
Show Details1hr 11min
018: From Freddy Krueger to the Flash with Andrew Kasch
Show Details44min 30s
017: From Scuba Diving with Aerosmith to Battling the MPAA | Samantha Hart's Unbelievable Hollywood Journey
Show Details1hr 10min
016: Understanding the World of Casting | Jaimie Beebe
Show Details42min 49s
015: Bruce Lee's Influences & Impact | Biographer Matthew Polly
Show Details58min 38s
014: Growing Up With Chucky | Alex Vincent
Show Details38min 44s
013:Joe Lynch Talks Directing (From Shudder to Disney+)
Show Details1hr 29min
012: Nat Brehmer | The History of Puppet Master
Show Details45min 57s
011: Jeff Sass | Marketing Lessons From 'The Toxic Avenger'
Show Details52min 33s
010: Diane Franklin | The "Most Excellent" Babe of the 80's
Show Details1hr 14min
009: Paul Talbot | The Impact of Charles Bronson's Death Wish Films
Show Details55min 1s
008: Michelle Morgan Talks Acting and Directing (Heartland, Diary of the Dead)
Show Details39min 27s
007: Richard Chiu | From Software Programmer to Actor
Show Details1hr 20min
006: Vicki Lau | How to Succeed in the VFX Industry
Show Details23min 57s
005: Dr. Lisa Funnell | The Evolution of the "Bond Girl"
Show Details1hr 50min
004: Jared Rivet | Creating the Day of the Dead TV Series
Show Details1hr 59min
003: Lucas Cantor | 2x Emmy Winning Composer Shares His Inspirations
Show Details56min 49s
002: BJ McDonnell | Surviving Victor Crowley and Working With the Avengers
Show Details54min 22s
001: Scott Rosenfelt Made Your Favorite Christmas Movie
Show Details58min 57s