• Film Inquiry Roundtable #2: Great Characters

    In a casual roundtable, four Film Inquiry staff members talk about characters found in TV & Film (and the books they were based on), their favorites, and why they worked well.

    Moderated by Kristy Strouse. Guests: Jim Ross, Maria Lattila and Danny Anderson.

    52m - Oct 8, 2020
  • Film Inquiry Roundtable #1: Films That Shaped You

    The Film Inquiry team gets together during the Coronavirus pandemic, self-isolated, safely from their homes. In a casual roundtable, eight Film Inquiry staff members talk about the first films they saw in theaters, the films that shaped them as film fans, the movies they watched over and over as growing cinephiles, and more. To top off the roundtable, we play a game of trivia!

    Moderated by Kristy Strouse, Trivia hosted by Jake Tropila. Guests: Mark McPherson, Kevin L. Lee, Danny Anderson, Emily Wheeler, Jesse Nussman and Manon de Reeper.

    E1 - 55m - Oct 8, 2020
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Film Inquiry Roundtable