Fast X Spoiler Discussion

48m | May 22, 2023

On the May 22, 2023 episode of /Film Daily, /Film editorial director Peter Sciretta is joined by /Film editor Ben Pearson and writer Ryan Scott to have a spoiler discussion about Fast X.

In The News:

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In Our Feature Presentation: Fast X Spoiler Discussion

  • Overall thoughts on the film
  • How did Louis Leterrier do?
  • Jason Momoa as Dante!!
  • The performance
  • Retconning him into Fast 5
  • Did Jakob really sacrifice himself?
  • Vatican bomb sequence
  • Now the Fast crew are on the fbi most wanted and all over the media
  • Gisele?
  • Cipher and Letty find Gisele alive operating a submarine in the arctic. 
  • How is she still alive? She fell to her death in Fast 6
  • What is she doing there?
  • Are they going to retcon her as being involved with the submarine in Fast 8?
  • Is Cipher now a member of the crew or is it just a temporary alliance?
  • The cliffhanger ending: 
  • How will Roman, Tej, Ramsey, and Han survive an exploding plane?
  • How will Dom and his Son survive?
  • Hobbs
  • End credits sequence
  • Dante is out to kill Hobbs
  • Why did The Rock return?
  • Will Hobbs join the team again?
  • What happened to Shaw?
  • Mr Nobody has pulled a disappearing act? 
  • How did Aimes get control over The Agency over Mr. Nobody’s kid?
  • Brie larson
  • What is Dante Reyes going to do next? 
  • Where is the Tokyo Drift crew?
  • Are we getting one of two more movies?
  • Will Brian return?

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