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This is where I dive deep into the latest and greatest that the entertainment industry has to offer. TV Series, Movies, Short Films and Documentaries, we're going to talk about it all. This isn't 2 minute reviews, it's more like a discussion where I unleash my inner cinephile in it's full glory.


Episode 9 Mortal Kombat Movie & Certain tendencies of movies adopted from video games
Show Details17min 13s
Episode 8 Godzilla Vs Kong, the wider MonsterVerse and why do need to "critically" respect these modern Hollywood Blockbusters
Show Details23min 21s
Episode 7 BOMBSHELL (2019)
Show Details22min 20s
Episode 6 Justice League Snyder Cut (Future Of the SnyderVerse)
Show Details44min 29s
Episode 5 Wonder Woman (2017 & WW84) & DCEU Vs MCU ?
Show Details37min 40s
Episode 4 Hustlers (How to NOT objectify women)
Show Details21min 4s
Episode 3 TENET (Explained)
Show Details29min 3s
Episode 2 The Boys (S1 & S2)
Show Details21min 12s
Episode 1 Mirapur S2
Show Details15min
Episode 0
Show Details1min 5s