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Figuring It Out

If you’re like us… you were raised to

  • believe the world was black and white.
  • judge others if they breached your code of conduct.
  • expect them to be open to what you believe, but then be closed to what they believe.

You thought you had all of the answers, but life quickly taught you otherwise.

What if the world isn’t black & white?

What if the belief system you have never questioned is wrong?

That’s why we created the Figuring It Out podcast.

This show is for the seekers.

The explorers.

Those brave enough to question their step outside of their black and white belief systems, listen with an open mind, and create values that lead to a renewed sense of purpose and meaning.

Join your hosts as they sit across from the world’s leading thought leaders, visionaries, religious gurus, entrepreneurs, philosophers, and influencers to tackle life’s biggest questions and try to find meaning, purpose, and create values.

You don’t need all the answers to find meaning in life, but you should be free to ask all the questions.


019: Loving Yourself Through Self Improvement | Stephanie Sanzo and Jamie Bisset
Show Details57min 35s
018: Ed Mylett | The Power of One More
Show Details45min 24s
017: Josh Peck | Happy People Are Annoying
Show Details49min 37s
016: From Corporate Banking to The Bachelorette | Jason Tartick
Show Details1hr 27min
015: Max Lugavere Destroys Diet Myths
Show Details50min 32s
014: Chris Van Vliet | From Small Town Reporter to Interviewing the Rock
Show Details48min 14s
013: Elena Cardone | Building an Empire Without Destroying Your Family
Show Details42min 18s
012: How Your Perception of Money Affects Your Life
Show Details32min 11s
011: Victim to Victor | Nick Santonastasso
Show Details28min 17s
010: The Polarizing Effect of Politics
Show Details30min 22s
009: How to Create a Moral Code | Matt Beaudreau
Show Details49min 1s
008: Rob Dyrdek's Rules For Success
Show Details1hr 13min
007: Escaping Purity Culture 🥀
Show Details31min 12s
006: Dave Ramsey's Advice Will Keep You Poor | Sam Newell
Show Details1hr 21min
005: Kim Kardashian's "CONTROVERSIAL ADVICE" Shouldn't Be Controversial
Show Details15min 26s
004: Raised in Polygamy with 44 Siblings | Calvin Wayman
Show Details1hr 20min
003: What We Learned From Shaq
Show Details35min 56s
002: Your Hosts are Figuring it Out
Show Details40min 41s
001: Shaquille O'Neal Shares Advice for Life, Love, and Business
Show Details16min 40s
Trailer | This is Figuring it Out
Show Details3min 47s