Fight Death

Fight Death is a podcast about abortion and how we can end it.

Abortion is a barbaric procedure that destroys human beings where they should be safest: in their mother’s womb. Science, logic, and reason compel us to fight against abortion. The goal of this podcast is to arm you for that fight.


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Episode 7: Interview — Grace and Eden from Abortion. It's a Black and White Issue.
Show Details50min 2s
Episode 6: How to Deal With Red Herrings.
Show Details18min 17s
Episode 5: Rape and Abortion, pt. 3
Show Details26min 21s
Episode 4: Rape and Abortion, pt. 2
Show Details12min 53s
Episode 3: Rape and Abortion, pt. 1
Show Details12min 31s
Episode 2: Trotting out a Toddler
Show Details12min 35s
Episode 1: The SLED Framework
Show Details11min 25s