Fifty/50: A Music Show

Barrett Share of Music Video Sins and his longtime friend and DJ Mike Hester come from two very different musical worlds. Barrett has a passion for pop music, while Mike has more indie tastes... and they both are deeply curious about the other. Join them every month as they talk about their current musical passions and share some of their favorite new tracks.


The Grammys, End of Decade Lists, BTS, and Four Tet.
Show Details49min 40s
Kanye, Bruce, Big Thief, and the Artists of the Decade
Show Details1hr 2min
Weezer, Sturgill Simpson, Chicken Noodle Soup, Sun Kil Moon is slowly losing his mind
Show Details45min 29s
David Berman, Lana Del Rey, and the MTV Music Video Awards
Show Details53min 14s
Old Town Road, King Gizzard, and the Future of Pop
Show Details41min 11s
Welcome to Fifty/50!
Show Details1min 18s