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Fierce Fiduciary Podcast

For beginners and experienced people alike, this podcast brings timeless financial knowledge and perspective to help people make better financial decisions. We also shine a light on real professionals in the financial and legal world. Get an inside look at how things work behind the scenes, and how you can get the most value when working with financial professionals. Hosted by Brian C. Beasley, CPWA® and Dan Alberth, MBA, CFP®. This content is for information and education only, and should not be considered personal advice. For personal advice, contact your registered advisor.


35 How to Be Wealthier and Happier...A Framework for Anyone
Show Details17min 57s
34: Excess Returns, Part 3 of 3
Show Details54min 53s
33: Excess Returns Part 2
Show Details41min 29s
32: Excess Returns Part 1 of 3
Show Details35min 5s
31: Investing for Kids
Show Details27min 51s
30: Alzheimer's
Show Details18min 2s
29: Caregiving
Show Details21min 53s
28: The Psychology of Money Part 3
Show Details33min 19s
27: The Psychology of Money Part 2
Show Details21min 27s
26: The Psychology of Money Part 1
Show Details28min 51s
25: Risk Part 4: Risk Capacity
Show Details11min 14s
24 Risk Part 3: Risk Perception
Show Details12min 42s
23: Risk Part 2: Tolerance
Show Details13min 59s
22: Risk Part 1: Introduction
Show Details15min 41s
21: Estate Planning: Beyond the Documents
Show Details16min 14s
20: Choosing Advisors to Interview
Show Details18min 37s
19: Basics of Building a Portfolio
Show Details1hr 7min
18: The Little Book of Behavioral Investing by James Montier
Show Details2hr 16min
17: The Ultimate Gift by Jim Stovall
Show Details53min 59s
16: Questions from the Wild: Advisors, annuities, paralysis, current events, and more
Show Details1hr 23min
15: Retirement Plan Consultant, Bill Karsten of Plan Pilot
Show Details1hr 15min
14: Avoiding Irrational Decisions for better results. Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely
Show Details1hr 42min
13: The Internet Bubble 1995-2000, Dot-Con: The Greatest Story Ever Sold by John Cassidy
Show Details2hr 26min
12: Mitigating Risk: Life Insurance Considerations
Show Details1hr 4min
11: Investing: Long Term Mindset and Strategies
Show Details1hr 31min
10: Long Term Care, The Conversation
Show Details1hr 18min
9: Investing: Master the Basics and Become Truly Advanced
Show Details1hr 34min
8: How to Get the Most From Working with an Attorney, Interview with Kevin Camden, Attorney at Law
Show Details1hr 5min
7: The Most Important Financial Planning Questions You Should Be Asking
Show Details1hr 40min
6: Getting Started: How to prioritize for faster, more effective results
Show Details1hr 4min
5: The spending habits of most millionaires, Q&A from the Wild
Show Details2hr 14min
4: Know Yourself: The raw material needed for good financial decisions*
Show Details1hr 33min
3: The Great Crash: 1929 by John Kenneth Galbraith
Show Details1hr 47min
2: Simplifying Common Financial Terms and Vocabulary
Show Details1hr 48min
1: Brian & Dan, 8 Guidelines for Making Financial Decisions, Q&A
Show Details1hr 14min