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Fempreneur Secrets

This is Femprenur Secrets, where Business Secrets are Revealed. With your host & brand strategist, Huda and notable women entrepreneurs, you will learn about branding, marketing and business strategies from the perspective of women entrepreneurs.


Secret File #021: How to Be Captain of Your Industry
Show Details10min 24s
Secret File #020: Sponsorship vs Collaboration
Show Details11min 6s
Secret File #019: 3 Tweaks You Can Make to Your Instagram Profile
Show Details9min 41s
Secret File #018: The Art of Getting Started
Show Details16min 33s
Secret File #017: Crafting the Perfect Self-Introduction
Show Details10min
Secret File #016: 10 Social Media Habits To Change For Entrepreneurs
Show Details18min 31s
Secret File #015: Where to Get Your Clients
Show Details14min 53s
Secret File #014: Why I Started Fempreneur Secrets
Show Details6min 1s
Secret File #013: 5 Secrets to Organize Your Time for Your Business
Show Details8min 55s
Secret File #012: Beta Test Your Idea
Show Details7min 26s
Secret File #011: Bootstrapping Your Business
Show Details6min 36s
Secret File #010 - Live for Less to Raise Business Capital
Show Details4min 30s
Secret FIle #009: Change Your Lifestyle to Help You Raise Capital
Show Details3min 55s
Secret File #008: How Much Capital Should I Raise
Show Details4min 3s
Secret File #007: 3 Things You Should Do Before Leaving Your Job
Show Details7min 39s
Secret File #006 - 5 Ways Failure Has Helped Me Grow My Business
Show Details19min
Secret File #005: The Must-Have in Your Email Marketing Campaign
Show Details6min 16s
Secret File #004: 18 Things I've Learnt in 2018
Show Details15min 34s
Secret File #003: 5 Reasons Why You Should Exercise Brain Dump
Show Details7min 47s
Secret File #002: 5 Ways to Build A Consistent Brand
Show Details9min 48s
Secret File #001: 5 Ways to Improve Your Brand
Show Details13min 55s