Life and Times of Warwickz Farm

Trials and tribulations of building a rare breeds farm on a shoestring budget. This podcast in part is a reading of my book Canterbury Tails by Chris Gilberd and also antics and new stories from a host of delightful creatures on the farm.


Last Friday Afternoon
Show Details14min 17s
On Ya Bike
Show Details16min 23s
Mystery, Mayhem and Madness
Show Details19min 41s
Crafty Days
Show Details19min 22s
Decent Exposure
Show Details19min 48s
Special Friends
Show Details20min 9s
Steering and Shearing
Show Details21min 55s
Robbie and Rosie
Show Details13min 44s
Be our guest
Show Details17min 38s
The Tour
Show Details15min 54s
Harvest Time
Show Details14min 20s
Wild Encounters
Show Details14min
Operation Stoat
Show Details11min 14s
Shaky Days
Show Details13min 43s
Tourism Operators
Show Details10min 10s
Sheep Yarns
Show Details12min 55s
Grasping the dream
Show Details9min 36s
Rare Rabbit Rescue
Show Details13min 17s
Paca Ponderings
Show Details9min 56s
Ouch That Smarts
Show Details11min 54s