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Archives Unlimited is a show where we use humor to approach Blaseball “lore” from many angles, including recaps, geography, stories, sound, and lengthy debates on anything arbitrary. Recorded at The Archival Committee Of Blaseball Addendums Central Offices (T.A.C.O.B.A.C.O.) at the heart of [undisclosed location] now brought to you Listeners!


The Clawliday Inn
Show Details27min 49s
Pick A Card, Any Card
Show Details2hr 38min
Hazel's Deepdives - Bork Holloway
Show Details45min 49s
Did you know Blaseball is just like FFXIV?
Show Details48min 34s
Explaining Hades Tigers Lore to Non-Tigers (Part 2)
Show Details1hr 21min
Explaining Hades Tigers Lore to Non-Tigers (Part 1)
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Frog's Deep Dives: Rat Mason
Show Details1hr 40min
Casual Talk: Peanut Bong (ft. Churgalax)
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Frog's Deep Dives: Basilio Fig
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Trailer - Archives Unlimited
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Test 03: ILB's Sexiest Teams!
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What happens when you trap 4 Blaseball artists in a room with unlimited hubris and make them rank the sexiest teams in the entire ILB through ~vibes~ ? Let’s find out :)

cw: horny? (implied) per DeeJay’s suggestion

Alcoholic spicy milk at 1:14:13

Note: this was recorded before the Atlantis Georgias episode hence Hazel not knowing much about them yet 

Shoutout zone

Collins Melon Shirt Cut Meme 

Juan Gee art 

Glassgoblin art of the tigers pitchers 

Fitz blackburn by @Panic_Attract 


Corpserevivers fanfic that Gob mentioned 

La Jukebox 

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Hazel: @driftersoda 

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INTRO/OUTRO MUSIC is the Plants Vs Zombies 2 Big Wave Beach Win Sound with additional vocals from Gob

2hr 8min
Published Dec 3, 2021 at 9:55am
Test 02.5: The Goobie Ballson And Dickerson Morse Rotation
Show Details3min 56s
Test 02: Explaining Atlantis Georgias Lore to Non-Georgias
Show Details1hr 42min
Test 01: Jackson Rodriguez
Show Details26min 10s
Welcome! The Test Has Begun
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