Episode 101: En Sabah Nur (feat. Jonathan Hickman)

Season 4 | Episode 1
3h 35m | May 30, 2023

In Episode 101 of CEREBRO, the SEASON 4 PREMIERE, Connor and Head of X emeritus Jonathan Hickman extend a cautious hand to En Sabah Nur, the atrocious Apocalypse! Created by Louise Simonson, Walt Simonson, and Butch Guice as the central antagonist of 1986's X-Factor, the ancient immortal Apocalypse spent millennia worshiped by many names, secretly cultivating the mutant race.

After decades of publication in which the heroes fought his seemingly inevitable ascent to power — particularly when he took on the role of franchise big bad in the 90s — the Krakoan Age changed everything, with the character revolutionized by Hickman and his collaborator Tini Howard.

The CEREBRO character file on Apocalypse begins at 54:56.

(Content Advisory: Apocalypse's story includes slavery, genocide, suicide, torture, brainwashing, and involuntary body modification.)

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