Jonathan's Rhythms From Found Objects

In this podcastt, I introduce a series of objects one can use as rhythm instruments or parts of rhythm instruments. Examples of objects include plastic bottles, buckets and bowls, as well as cardboard tube rolls.


Tube drum jam
Show Details10min 18s
Jam session
Show Details11min 40s
Rest room rhythms
Show Details1min 41s
Glass and porcelain bowls
Show Details58s
Measuring cups
Show Details1min 1s
Odds and ends
Show Details2min 45s
Kitchen utensils
Show Details3min
Ancient Harmonies mix
Show Details3min 40s
String play
Show Details8min
Paper clip, craft stick and thumb piano
Show Details2min 21s
Bamboo tongue drums
Show Details1min 43s
Paper cups
Show Details2min 6s
Ruler sounds and rhythms
Show Details1min 7s
Wood xylophone
Show Details40s
Rattles and shakers
Show Details1min 28s
Frame drum demo and jam session invitation
Show Details10min 20s
Udu drum sample track
Show Details2min 12s
Cardboard tube drums
Show Details14min 38s
Body percussion
Show Details1min 40s
Mouth rhythms and sounds
Show Details2min 48s
Silverware rhythms
Show Details9min 14s
Kitchen mix jam
Show Details10min 58s
Plastic mixing bowl track for jamming
Show Details12min 13s
Bucket beat
Show Details10min 20s
Saucepans, frying pans and pan lids as rhythm instruments
Show Details14min 4s
Corrugated tubing demo
Show Details2min 33s
Didgeridoo Demos
Show Details5min 51s
Shag stick mix
Show Details11min 47s
Cardboard tube demo
Show Details12min 56s
Introduction to Jonathan's Rhythms From Found Objects
Show Details2min 30s