Fantasy NBA Today Fantasy Basketball's Fantasy NBA Today Fantasy Basketball Show is your daily supply of fantasy basketball news, packaged into a 60-minute (or less) show! Show host Dan Besbris and his rotating cavalcade of guests break down every box score for top waiver-wire pickups, key draft strategies, and other techniques that you can use to win your league. These guests range from team beat writers to global fantasy NBA experts.


Fantasy NBA Wild Card Draft Names, Dan Besbris Old Man Squad Final 9 & Premium Info
Show Details1hr 4min
30-Deep Industry Draft Results Rounds 1-2, Lila's Favorite Values, DFS Transitions
Show Details1hr 1min
Three Sleepers, Scoring Title Betting & a Bonus DBOMS Member
Show Details56min 4s
The Dan Besbris Old Man Squad Top-50 through 90, More Multi-Round Value Plays
Show Details53min 2s
The Dan Besbris Old Man Squad Top-6, Best Values Versus ADP
Show Details57min 29s
Aaron Bruski on Hype, Sleeper and Reach Guards, ESPN Draft Ranks & Newsletter Reveal
Show Details1hr 7min
ESPN Fantasy NBA Rankings (Top-20), DFS Winning Streak & Recruiting
Show Details1hr 8min
The Most Polarizing Names at the Top of Fantasy NBA Drafts & Real Strategy
Show Details1hr 1min
6th Man and Blocks Betting & Fantasy NBA Industry Roto Mock Results, Team Adam Stock
Show Details1hr 6min
Yahoo Hype and Sleeper (Part 2), Roto Mock Results, Team Adam King
Show Details1hr 7min
Yahoo Hype and Sleeper Types, Roto Mock Results, Team Matt Smith
Show Details1hr 16min
DFS Money Time & Fantasy NBA Top Industry 9-cat Roto Mock Draft, Team Rikleen
Show Details1hr 4min
Fantasy NBA Top Mock Results, Team Ehrenberg & Kawhi and Paul George Updates
Show Details1hr 10min
Futures Betting, Fantasy NBA Top Mock Results, Team Welsh & Embiid News
Show Details1hr 11min
Fantasy NBA Industry Deep League Top-20 & Roto Mock Team Bogman
Show Details1hr
Industry Fantasy NBA Draft, Team Josh Lloyd & Hype/Sleeper Updates
Show Details1hr 1min
Industry Fantasy NBA Jumbo Mock, Team Stroup & Preseason DFS Gaming
Show Details52min 56s
Industry Fantasy NBA Big Mock, Team Nader & Yahoo Projections
Show Details57min 48s
Industry Fantasy NBA Roto Mock Draft, Team McKeown & MVP Betting
Show Details58min 46s
Industry Fantasy NBA Roto Mock Rounds 1-2, Team Besbris & Auction 101
Show Details1hr 3min
Two Sleepers from Bruski & The Post-100 Fantasy NBA ADP List
Show Details50min 52s
Yahoo ADPs, Finishing the Fantasy NBA Top-100
Show Details54min 40s
Yahoo ADPs, Fantasy NBA Third-25
Show Details49min 50s
Yahoo ADPs, Fantasy NBA Second-25
Show Details55min 44s
Yahoo ADPs, Fantasy NBA Top-25
Show Details57min 1s
Big Buzz Movers, Draft Round by Round Methodology
Show Details54min 13s
Fantasy Industry Mock Results (Top-100), FIBA Loss & DFS Preview
Show Details53min 32s
Industry Fantasy Draft Mock (61-84) & Bad Hype
Show Details53min 17s
Industry Mock (25-48) & What's a Sleeper Anyway?
Show Details1hr 2min
Industry Mock Draft Fantasy Results, Rounds 1-2
Show Details50min 53s
Draft Results - Round Out the Top-100
Show Details56min 26s
Draft: Targeting Values or Names & Team USA Weekly
Show Details59min 9s
Draft Results & Analysis Part 3 (9-Cat, H2H)
Show Details1hr 5min
Draft Results & Analysis Part 2 (9-Cat, H2H)
Show Details46min 58s
Fantasy Draft Results & Analysis (Rounds 1-3, 9-Cat, H2H
Show Details55min 51s
Real Draft Post-Hype & Finishing Top-100
Show Details1hr 2min
Real Draft Results 4 & Team USA Update
Show Details1hr 1min
Real Draft Results 3 & DFS Show
Show Details55min 38s
Real Draft Results Pt 2 & New Partners
Show Details55min 1s
Real Draft Results Top-20 & Hoop Ball Leagues Open!
Show Details56min 42s
Top-15 Mock, Team USA Update & Lakers Bigs
Show Details1hr 2min
Looking Forward on the Top Fantasy Players from Last Season
Show Details54min 29s
Grizzlies and Pelicans Fantasy Day
Show Details1hr 1min
Season Win Totals 5 & Mavericks Fantasy Profile
Show Details46min 22s
Draft Guide Announced & Rockets, Spurs Analyses
Show Details43min 16s
Team USA & More Dynasty Draft Results
Show Details47min 5s
Mock Draft Rounds 7 and 8
Show Details46min 49s
Team Analysis Month, Jazz and Nuggets
Show Details56min 12s
Season Win Totals 4 & Chris Paul as a Thunder
Show Details49min 23s
Team Analysis Month, Blazers and Wolves
Show Details46min 34s
Hoop Ball Fantasy Dynasty League Draft 1-50
Show Details52min
Early Mock, Rounds 5 and 6
Show Details40min 3s
Team Analysis Month, Suns and Kings
Show Details49min 41s
Team Analysis, Warriors & Season Win Totals 3
Show Details56min 36s
Team Analysis Month, Lakers and Clippers
Show Details55min 36s
Dynasty, Top NBA Duos & Griffin-LeBron
Show Details1hr 10min
Mock Draft, Deep Thoughts Continued (3, 4)
Show Details43min 24s
Fantasy School, Rosters, Stashes & Upside
Show Details54min 48s
Streaming Strategy & Season Win Totals 2
Show Details55min 22s
Fantasy School, League Settings & Protocol
Show Details40min 15s
Summer League MegaBlast, Final Part
Show Details1hr 11min
Mock Draft and Fantasy Deep Thoughts
Show Details48min 41s
Fantasy School, Average Draft Position
Show Details47min 48s
Fantasy School, Early Draft & Season Win Totals 1
Show Details1hr 1min
Fantasy School, Mock Draft Strategies
Show Details33min 53s
Herro, Clarke and the Summer League Gang Pt 2
Show Details1hr 8min
Reviewing ESPN’s Rankings
Show Details44min 39s
Way Too Early Top-10
Show Details46min 28s
NBA Win Totals, MVP Odds & Max Ben Simmons
Show Details46min 2s
Beware the Mitchell Robinson Hype Train
Show Details48min 13s
Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul & Summer NBA
Show Details1hr 7min
Summer League and Rookie Discussion
Show Details46min 9s
Kawhi Inks His Deal, Morris Questions His
Show Details49min 11s
NBA Futures, An Early Dive
Show Details53min 3s
Kawhi, Paul George, and Lakers Mayhem
Show Details40min 37s
Summer League Action
Show Details44min 32s
Fantasy Impact When Players Switch Teams and Other FA News
Show Details23min 48s
No Mo Bobi and Tobi & Kawhi-Watch
Show Details45min 27s
Continuing Kawhi Saga & D'Angelo Russell Warrior
Show Details59min 16s
Free Agency Show
Show Details1hr 31min
Dynasty and Free Agency Chatter
Show Details45min 23s
Countdown to Free Agency
Show Details51min 24s
KD Opts Out, JR Looks West
Show Details40min 48s
Awards Show Hot Takes
Show Details45min 32s
Deep Breath Before Free Agency
Show Details23min 20s
Draft Night & Raptors Reviews
Show Details56min 38s
Conley Trade, NBA Draft and Warriors Review
Show Details49min 20s