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Fancy Scientist: Animals, Science, Lifestyle

Dr. Stephanie Schuttler, the Fancy Scientist, is a wildlife biologist who loves breaking stereotypes and talking about the natural world. In this podcast, she shares her knowledge of animals, experiences as a wildlife biologist, and simple lifestyle choices you can make to conserve nature. Her 17 years in wildlife biology taught her that science alone cannot save species. We need to take collective action through simple things we can do every day. This podcast is for anyone who likes animals and wants to help make the world a better place for them, and for us too. You’ll learn cool things about the animals around you from her own and other scientists’ research. She’ll also give tips for other scientists to succeed (that really ANYONE can use), strategies for effective science communication, and how she gained the confidence to become a fancy scientist. Hit subscribe and let’s change the world!


30 years of Wildlife Career Advice: Interview with fisheries biologist Scott Putnam
Show Details37min 52s
How I Wrote My First Books and You Can Too!
Show Details35min 33s
9 Biggest Mistakes Struggling Wildlife Job Seekers Make
Show Details32min 40s
Getting a Wildlife Career with NO Wildlife Experience: Interview with Ron Lewis
Show Details50min 40s
What Do Careers with Endangered Species Look Like?
Show Details30min 47s
How Do Scientists Choose Their Research?
Show Details16min 10s
Should Wildlife Professionals Start a Side Hustle?
Show Details29min 58s
Money Mindset in Conservation and Your Career
Show Details44min 3s
Being Productive for Wildlife Conservation
Show Details34min 23s
7 Ways to Become a Better Biologist on Your Own
Show Details32min 22s
Creating a Vision to Accelerate and Amplify Your Wildlife Goals
Show Details36min 14s
Focus on What’s Important By Saying No
Show Details35min 53s
The Best is Yet to Come: Thoughts on Getting Older and Life Changes
Show Details34min 57s
Is Work-Life Balance in Science Possible?
Show Details32min 59s
What Makes a Good Mentor?
Show Details37min 40s
4 Tips for a Successful Academic Year in Graduate School
Show Details22min 45s
Training to Be a Scientist: Graduate School
Show Details34min 15s
Elephant Tourism: What’s Best for Elephants
Show Details37min 4s
Working in Education with Erin Apple
Show Details44min 33s
Your Biggest Struggle in Wildlife Careers: Part 3
Show Details28min 9s
Your Biggest Struggle in Wildlife Careers Part 2
Show Details31min 45s
Your Biggest Struggle in Wildlife Careers
Show Details40min 6s
Sustainable Beach Vacation Tips
Show Details33min 32s
Sea Turtles and Straws with Christine Figgener
Show Details42min 15s
Financial Realities of Wildlife Careers with Emily Roberts
Show Details1hr 1min
Going Zero Waste with Alexa Smith
Show Details40min 52s
Corporations and Climate Change with Lavaniya Das
Show Details54min 32s
Getting a Job in Science Communication
Show Details34min 31s
Handling the Haters in Science Communication
Show Details44min 34s
Sustainable Seafood with Jackie Marks
Show Details48min 25s
Garden for Wildlife with David Mizejewski
Show Details52min 3s
City Nature Challenge with George Gehrig
Show Details51min 15s
Extinction of Experience: The Core Threat to Nature Conservation
Show Details46min 49s
Welcome Mammals Into Your Yard the Right Way
Show Details44min 51s
How to Make a Wildlife Friendly Backyard
Show Details34min 33s
Climate Change Empowerment: Changes You Can Make for Maximum Impact
Show Details46min 22s
Foraging for Food and Medicine with Mark “Merriweather” Vorderbruggen
Show Details1hr 5min
Academic Coaching with Katy Peplin
Show Details57min 35s
Animal Care to Self Care with PJ Beaven of ZooFit
Show Details1hr 1min
Big Game Biology with Rebecca Mowry
Show Details49min 27s
Mastodons’ Impact on Mice with Mammalogist Mike Cove
Show Details54min 23s
Conservation Careers with Nick Askew
Show Details59min 29s
Effective Communication in Conservation with Ben Christ
Show Details54min 6s
You are NOT Too Old! Interview with Jeffrey Hunter
Show Details47min 29s
Science Filmmaking with Rob Nelson
Show Details55min 29s
Nova Conservation with Laura Marsh:Connecting People to Fieldwork
Show Details55min 32s
Charlotte Hacker Interview: Elephants, Snow Leopards, and Being Persistent
Show Details49min 32s
Lonely Conservationists: An Interview with Jessie Panazzolo
Show Details57min 42s
Self-Care for Scientists (and Everyone Else too!)
Show Details39min 41s
Palm Oil Boycotts and a Conservation Reality Check
Show Details38min 25s
Overcoming End-of-the-Year Blues
Show Details32min 24s
Impostor Syndrome, Confidence, and Conservation
Show Details45min 44s
Gifts to Connect People to Nature
Show Details32min 52s
Elephant Friendly Tea: A Win-Win for Elephants and Communities
Show Details50min 9s
Why You Need to Clarify Your Career NOW
Show Details37min 39s
Sustainable Holiday Tips to Keep it Green
Show Details38min 33s
Make Black Friday Green
Show Details54min 7s
Clearing Up Coyote Misconceptions
Show Details56min 26s
Can Coyotes and Humans Replace Apex Predators in the Eastern USA?
Show Details40min 37s
Eastern Cougars? How to Know if a Species is Really There
Show Details39min 16s
Cougar Viral Video: Interview with Trail Runner Kyle Burgess
Show Details42min 32s
Why Aggressive Elephants? Also Field Stories, Dung DNA, and Elephant Conservation
Show Details50min 53s
Charging Elephants and Fresh Dung: Challenges from the Field
Show Details39min 3s
First Field Season with Forest Elephants
Show Details35min 15s
Choosing a Field Site for Forest Elephant Research
Show Details38min 26s
How Do You Study Elephants? The Start of My Journey
Show Details30min 58s
Barriers to Entry in Wildlife and Conservation Jobs with Stephanie Martin
Show Details50min 44s
Conversations About Conservation in Academia with Chris Parsons
Show Details51min 6s
Want to Help Animals? Do This One Thing
Show Details46min 12s
5 Things You’ll Get From My Book on Wildlife Biology Careers (Plus 2 Bonuses)
Show Details17min 5s
Mindful Conservation with Ashley Scarlett
Show Details49min 15s
Pinterest for Science Communication and Conservation
Show Details30min 19s
Starting a SciComm Business with Chris Cloney
Show Details52min 22s
What is Science Really? And the Need to Communicate
Show Details38min 14s
Career and YouTube Advice with Wildlife Biologist Kristina Lynn
Show Details42min 39s
7 Steps to Find Your Wildlife Career Path and Become Competitive for the Job You Want
Show Details44min 21s
Bats are the Best! Bat Fun with Bat Biologist Lisa Gatens
Show Details55min 55s
Has Poaching Decreased for Elephants?
Show Details37min 46s
10 Best Activities to Connect to Wildlife
Show Details31min 41s
My Big Mistake in My Wildlife Biology Career and How You Can Learn From it
Show Details36min 10s
Sunscreen and Coral Reefs and You
Show Details35min 30s
Bird Basics with Ornithologist Lauren Pharr
Show Details57min 7s
3 Tips for Aspiring Wildlife Biologists Stuck at Home
Show Details17min 10s
See a Snake? What to do and Resources for Identifying Snakes
Show Details33min 43s
Wildlife Biologist Job Questions Answered!
Show Details25min 29s
Diet Changes to Help Wildlife
Show Details40min 28s
Animals During Lockdown: What's Going on with Wildlife
Show Details36min 22s
Animal Selfies: More than a Selfie
Show Details32min 34s
Conversations on Animals in Captivity: Tiger King
Show Details32min 25s
Welcome to the Fancy Scientist Podcast!
Show Details3min 53s