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Family Wealth and Other Musings

I'm Becky Easton. Personal Family Lawyer licensed in Arizona and Colorado (not your lawyer though, unless we have a signed agreement). Something has been nudging me to do a podcast lately, so here we are! I'm planning on shorter episodes, frequently about protecting your life and your legacy, but often about something totally random that's on my mind. It'll be fun they said... lol

Music Credit: Monsieur Miaow by Shane Ivers

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Episode 46 - If You're New Around Here, Welcome!
Show Details21min 3s
Episode 45 - 5 Fast & Furious Estate Planning Lessons from Paul Walker's Estate
Show Details6min 6s
Episode 44 - The Story of Sara and Carlos (With Planning!)
Show Details26min 55s
Episode 43 - Best Practices to Keep Your LLC's Liability Protection Intact
Show Details11min 5s
Episode 42 - Explaining President Biden's Student Debt Relief
Show Details20min 27s
Episode 41 - 9 Types of Meditation
Show Details17min 15s
Episode 40 - How Can You Avoid Probate?
Show Details16min 24s
Episode 39 - What is Probate?
Show Details14min 51s
Episode 38 - Random Fun Facts
Show Details14min 13s
Episode 37 - The Story of Sara and Carlos (No Planning)
Show Details26min 40s
Episode 36 - Separating Yourself from Your Business
Show Details11min 54s
Episode 35 - Avoiding Capital Gains with a Charitable Remainder Trust
Show Details11min 38s
Episode 34 - Pondering Life with Meditation
Show Details15min 4s
Episode 33 - 4 Reasons Why You Should Never Cut Corners With Your Legal Agreements
Show Details11min 48s
Episode 32 - 6 Tips for Talking to a Loved One About Estate Planning
Show Details5min
Episode 31 - Protecting Yourself From a Nightmare Conservatorship Like Britney Spears's
Show Details18min 58s
Episode 30 - Remembering Queen Elizabeth II
Show Details8min 28s
Episode 29 - The Nightmare Conservatorship of Britney Spears
Show Details12min 31s
Episode 28 - ISO Young Farmers
Show Details9min 17s
Episode 27 - 7 Must-Do's when Naming Guardians
Show Details11min 42s
Episode 26 - Protecting Aging Loved Ones from Undue Influence
Show Details11min 50s
Episode 25 - Business Entity Myths
Show Details8min 31s
Episode 24 - National Suicide Prevention Month
Show Details17min 38s
Episode 23 - Tips for Being a Better Person
Show Details18min 20s
Episode 22 - Work It Wednesday
Show Details22min 34s
Episode 21 - Protect Your Furry Family with a Pet Trust
Show Details8min 59s
Episode 20 - Protecting your assets from natural disasters.
Show Details12min 11s
Episode 19 - How do You Want to be Remembered?
Show Details8min 16s
Episode 19 Exclusive Subscriber Content
Show Details8min 16s
Episode 18 - How Do I Choose a Guardian?
Show Details7min 7s
Episode 17 - What a Will Doesn't Do for You
Show Details11min 7s
Episode 16 - Estate Planning for LGBTQ Families
Show Details10min 11s
Episode 15 - Gratitude
Show Details10min 13s
Episode 14 - Safeguarding Your Business Against Wrongful Termination Suits
Show Details10min 13s
Episode 13 - When to Review Your Business Insurance
Show Details7min 47s
Episode 12 - What Does a Will Do for You?
Show Details9min 56s
Episode 11 - A Slight Shift
Show Details6min 37s
Episode 10 - DIY Planning Gone Wrong
Show Details13min 48s
Episode 9 - Saving for College, Part 2
Show Details10min 44s
Episode 8 - Saving for College, Part 1
Show Details8min 5s
Episode 7 - Legally Amusing
Show Details6min 11s
Episode 6 - All About Eastmark
Show Details19min 56s
Episode 5 - Preparing a Personal Resource Map
Show Details9min 56s
Episode 4 - Planning for Your College-Age Kid
Show Details10min 7s
Episode 3 - 6 Essential Strategies for Starting a New Business
Show Details10min 21s
Episode 3 Exclusive Content
Show Details10min 21s
Episode 2 - Developing a Personal Manifesto
Show Details24min 30s
Episode 2 - Avoiding Lost Time, Money, and Heartache from Poor Planning
Show Details9min 19s
Family Wealth and Other Musings - Getting Started
Show Details6min 1s