Family Theater

Family Theater was an dramatic anthology radio show which aired on the Mutual Broadcasting System in the United States from February 13, 1947 to September 11, 1957. The show was produced by Family Theater Productions, a film and radio studio extension of the Family Rosary Crusade founded by the Holy Cross Priest, Father Patrick Peyton, CSC, as a way to promote family prayer. The motto of the these Holy Cross Family Ministries is, "The family that prays together, stays together." The program had no commercial sponsor, yet Father Peyton, CSC arranged for many of Hollywood's stars in film and radio at the time to appear. In its ten-year run, well-known actors and actresses, including James Stewart, Bob Hope, Lucille Ball, Raymond Burr, Jane Wyatt, Charlton Heston, Bing Crosby, Jack Benny, Gene Kelly, William Shatner and Chuck Connors, appeared as announcers, narrators or stars. A total of 540 episodes were produced. The program featured not only religious stories but half-hour adaptations of literary works such as A Tale of Two Cities, Moby-Dick and Don Quixote --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Entertainment Radio Stations Live 24/7 Sherlock Holmes/CBS Radio Mystery Theater ----------------------------------------------------------------------------


Family Theater 47-09-11 (031) Stopwatch Finale
Show Details12min 54s
Family Theater 47-09-04 (030) No Man Is a Stranger
Show Details28min 46s
Family Theater 47-08-28 (029) The World of David Lee
Show Details29min 22s
Family Theater 47-08-21 (028) The Tin Whistle
Show Details29min 37s
Family Theater 47-08-14 (027) The Windbag
Show Details28min 57s
Family Theater 47-08-07 (026) No Greater Love
Show Details29min 16s
Family Theater 47-07-31 (025) Descent into Paradise
Show Details29min 38s
Family Theater 47-07-24 (024) Brass Buttons
Show Details29min 8s
Family Theater 47-07-17 (023) Song for a Long Road
Show Details29min 3s
Family Theater 47-07-10 (022) Some Rain Must Fall
Show Details29min 8s
Family Theater 47-07-03 (021) A Point of Law
Show Details29min 24s
Family Theater 47-06-26 (020) Little Boy Blue
Show Details29min 35s
Family Theater 47-06-19 (019) Top Man
Show Details29min 39s
Family Theater 47-06-12 (018) Laughing into Glory
Show Details29min 21s
Family Theater 47-06-05 (017) Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye
Show Details29min 12s
Family Theater 47-05-29 (016) Three Way Love
Show Details29min 16s
Family Theater 47-05-22 (015) A Star for Helen
Show Details29min 20s
Family Theater 47-05-15 (014) The Lonely Road
Show Details29min 23s
Family Theater 47-05-08 (013) The Awakening
Show Details29min 56s
Family Theater 47-04-17 (010) God and a Red Scooter
Show Details29min 7s
Family Theater 47-04-10 (009) Man Against Death
Show Details29min 6s
Family Theater 47-04-03 (008) The Passion and Death of Christ
Show Details29min 1s
Family Theater 47-03-25 (007) A Bunch of Keys
Show Details29min 20s
Family Theater 47-03-18 (006) Work of a Lifetime
Show Details29min 17s
Family Theater 47-03-11 (005) Let Us Remember
Show Details29min 22s
Family Theater 47-03-04 (004) I Give You Maggie
Show Details29min 15s
Family Theater 47-02-27 (003) J Smith and Wife
Show Details29min 2s
Family Theater 47-02-20 (002) No Night Too Dark
Show Details29min 40s
Family Theater 47-02-13 (001) Flight from Home
Show Details29min 16s