028: Mike Silva - Bodyflight Instructor of the Century

Season 1 | Episode 28
2h 21m | Jun 28, 2023

Mike Silva is one of the best known names in the tunnel coaching industry. And for good reason--as one of the most experienced bodyflight coaches in the country, Mike has been around and coaching fliers of all shapes and sizes for what seems like an eternity. For years, he's been cultivating and sharing his knowledge about the dynamics of body flight with others. Everything from the four basic body orientations, both static and dynamic flights, the tips and tricks of VFS, and the dazzling methodology behind trick flying. In addition to his extensive competition history, Mike also created a name for himself teaching other coaches how to better themselves and their craft inside and out of the tunnel.

WARNING: DO NOT MISS THIS EPISODE. This is a tiny peek into the inner workings of Mike's thought process about coaching methodologies, as well as how to better hone your own skills as an instructor/teacher/coach. Listen closely and you might just learn a thing or two on how to apply his methods to your own students, and how to bring the beauty and excitement of our community to others.

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