Become your best self | With Terryl Humphrey | Ep 149

Episode 143
3m | Mar 17, 2024

This video speaks about what it takes to be "the one" - someone who achieves their dreams by staying focused and making sacrifices.

It tells us that reaching our dreams isn't easy; it requires hard work, belief in ourselves, and never giving up, no matter how tough things get.

Through stories and advice, the video encourages us to aim high, learn from our mistakes, and keep pushing forward until we make our dreams come true.

"There is only one you, so why not be the best?"


Starting Your Journey [0:00 - 0:45]

The Power of Believing in Yourself [0:45 - 1:30]

Dream Big and Chase Hard [1:30 - 2:15]

Learning from Mistakes [2:15 - 2:58]

Taking Action and Making Time Work for You [2:58 - 3:42]

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