Overcome Fear by Starting Today | With Terryl Humphrey | Ep 151

Episode 151
16m | Apr 16, 2024

In this video, Terryl Humphrey how to push past self-doubt and start making videos.

Terryl points out that it's important to begin, no matter how your work turns out.

Terryl shows how you can get better through steady work and learning.

Terryl emphasizes the importance of starting with the resources you have, as it's a powerful way to accept yourself and grow.

Terryl underlines the transformative power of taking that first step, learning by doing, and the immediate benefits of starting today.

0:00 - Introduction to the importance of starting video creation

1:15 - Discussing the initial challenges and self-doubt in video making

3:00 - Personal story of starting with car washing videos

5:45 - Lessons learned from showing the work process

7:30 - The impact of consistent practice and self-improvement

10:20 - Encouragement to start today and the benefits of taking action

13:50 - Strategies to overcome fear and develop presentation skills

17:00 - The importance of self-belief and learning from each attempt

20:35 - Closing thoughts on continuous learning and self-development

22:00 - Invitation to a webinar and final motivational advice

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