Changing The WORLD Starts With YOU | With Tim Ross & Terryl Humphrey | Ep #148

Episode 148
51m | Nov 17, 2023

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Terryl and Tim had a podcast conversation where they discussed Tim's impactful story and how he is inspiring others through his ability to adapt. They covered various topics and Tim expressed his openness to discuss anything.



00:00 - Introduction.

00:50 - Tim's Background and Upbringing.

03:24 - Tim's Decision to Give His Life to Christ.

07:08 - Joshua's Unconventional Military Strategy.

09:08 - Challenges of Waiting and Having Faith.

13:43 - Tim's Dedication to Improve Communication Skills.

16:43 - Communication and Faith in Their Journeys.

20:50 - The Influence of Bible Reading.

24:14 - Incorporating Unique Communication Skills.

27:41 - Career Pivots Prompted by the Holy Spirit.

32:19 - Learning from Successful Entrepreneurs.

37:19 - Not Letting Titles Define Identity.

40:50 - Tim's Journey from Rapper to Pastor.

44:45 - Fate, Hard Work, and Embracing Discomfort.

49:39 - Dealing with Past Mistakes and Moving Forward.

53:38 - Taking Care of Oneself and Gratitude.

54:38 - Conclusion and Call to Action.

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