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The Activity Continues

A podcast where a couple of dorks (Amy & Megan) chat about the TV show, "The Dead Files" and other creepy paranormal shit.


Newlywed Nightmare
Show Details55min 37s
It’s Not the Dogs, Steve!
Show Details1hr 10min
The Lizzie Borden House
Show Details46min 52s
The Landowner
Show Details48min 16s
Demons, Shadow People, and Portals, Oh My!
Show Details46min 55s
The Villisca Ax Murder House Part 2
Show Details1hr 3min
The Villisca Ax Murder House Part 1
Show Details1hr 10min
The Judge and the Bootlegger
Show Details1hr 30min
Cream Wine and Michigan Ghosts
Show Details1hr 37min
Milestones and Brain Hats
Show Details1hr 1min
Paranormal ADHD and X-Rated Jokes
Show Details1hr 18min
So Many Amys and the Bad Dog
Show Details1hr 19min
The Wendigo and the Mirror People
Show Details1hr 12min
Heart Attack Central and the Darkness
Show Details1hr 18min
The Medium and the Detective
Show Details1hr 3min
Big Jay and the Paper People
Show Details59min 19s
Demons and the Mixing Bowl Incident
Show Details1hr 6min
Aliens and Very Bad Piggy-Back Rides
Show Details57min 10s
Ghost Meetings at the Wall Table
Show Details1hr 7min
Trailer Season 1
Show Details1min 59s