Faded On Accident W/ Alyssa Jensen

What happens when you are drinking and hanging out with your friends? Join Alyssa Jensen (alyssfj) and co-host Nedra Stone each Wednesday, as they chat and interview guests about various hot topics and subscriber submitted topics. Whether you want to hear about hot takes on current topics or learn more about the guests and dive deeper into the lives of these fun and interesting women, then this podcast is for you!


Faded on Accident Episode 7 - DANJO (@blushnacho)
Show Details1hr 29min
Faded On Accident Episode 6 - USPS, Fan Involvement, Podcasting, Food Poisoning and Real Estate
Show Details57min 7s
Faded On Accident Episode 5 - Blackouts, Dependency, Steven Rinella and Fighting a Bear
Show Details28min 36s
Faded On Accident Episode 4 - Chris Staples (Best Dunker in the World)
Show Details1hr 15min
Faded On Accident Episode 3 - Private Part Piercings!
Show Details57min 17s
Faded On Accident Episode 2 - Underwear Obsession?
Show Details33min 16s
Faded On Accident Episode 1 - How We Met
Show Details1hr 19min