Facts Are What Matter

Discussion about the lies, propaganda and myths that permeate the mainstream media and society. The goal of this podcast is to inform and support the understanding of what is true and real versus what are lies, myths, and propaganda. Warning! You might be challenged or triggered.


Ep5 -- The facts on the usefulness of masks vs COVID
Show Details24min 53s
Ep4 -- Gun Control, the facts relative to President Biden's statements
Show Details24min 16s
Ep3 -- The Gender Pay Gap....Is it real..Is it really 75% ?
Show Details18min 28s
Ep2 -- Tax policy. Do the top 1% pay their share of taxes?
Show Details29min 40s
Ep1 -- The facts about climate change (part1)
Show Details27min 59s
Ep0 -- Trailer
Show Details45s